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A couple years ago I tried jerky on the ol' chargriller. Not knowing what I was doing, I cooked it instead of drying it. Today Ill try to keep the temps down by laying lit coals on top of my hickory logs. Kinda like smokin cheese only a little hotter. I figure an hour or so in the smoke and into the oven to finish drying. I used my regular marinade minus the liquid smoke. This oughta turn out OK I think. Any input?
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Run with it. I keep mine in the smoker a couple hours tho. Post your results!

Are you curing? Might want to look into that. Many don't cure and it's not too big a deal 'cause it's gone within a couple days. But if you plan on storing it... maranade won't do it.
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Yeah Rich. There is no way this will last long enough to spoil. Lucky if there is any left when my son gets home from work today.

When I have used cure in the past, I thought it gave an off flavor. Almost bitter so I simply dont use it.
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Hmmm that sounds like an over-cure situation... metallic taste?
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did you use iodized salt in the cure?
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The thing that has me worried is the smoke is a little thicker than Im used to due to the smoldering wood. Usually when smokin, I keep a small clean burning fire with smoke so thin you can barely see it. Never allow smolderin! But thats just me. I reckon everyone who wraps chips in foil to get smoke has smoke like this. Just not my idea of TBS.
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Well...use just a couple hunks of lump... and check into the pre-burning of the wood. You read that thread? Search my name and "short".
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Joe, The cure I used came with one of them jerky flavorin kits. Probably not the best choice for good jerky but Im always tryin something new. I have no idea what was in the stuff. Havnt used it since.
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Could have been just a lousy cure I guess... or you HAVE to use the amount of meat called out for. Otherwise the "chemistry" is off...and CAN harm you.
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Yeah Rich. I read that thread some time ago. Since then Ive always been waitin for someone to drop dead from all the toxic junk that Im addin through my smoke. Oh wait, didnt that thread explain that complete combustion due to a clean burning fire pretty much incinerates all that crap? My food tastes OK. I dont preburn.
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Dont like it when the "chemistry" is off! Thats why I stick to my tried and true marinade. Of course then Im forced to eat it more quickly.
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it's geared to the smaller pit type smokers... I'm just saying if ya wanna go with a couple lumps of coal, and add a LITTLE wood to keep temps down... it will help with the TBS.
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Speakin of smaller pit smokers. I saw one at wallmart that was so small that there is no way a whole brisket would fit in it. Cutest little thing I ever seen. Showed it to my wife and she laughed out loud. A week later I saw someone usin it in their front yard. almost stopped to see how it was workin.
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OK! An hour and a half of sortta TBS and the jerky is in the oven to finish. Just dont think I could maintain temps that low in my stick burner long enough to finish it outside. The smell is incredible and wifey and I cant wait to try it out. Oh yeah. No pics so it aint happenin. Right? Guess again!
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Calling Bubba...BUBBA!

Enjoy it Smoke!
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I think jerky gets a free pass. LOL
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Thanks Joe! Bubba never cuts me any slack.

Any the jerky is finally done and I couldnt be much happier. Fantastic smoke flavor. Much better than the liquid smoke of course. Just wish I could do a bigger batch on the chargriller.
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