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Newb from KS

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Hello all

Newb here from KS, I have been grilling with charcoal for about 4 years now.

The food seems to get a little better each time, I have often wondered about "smoking" meats never had a smoker, that is untill today.

My neighbor gave me an ECB for free. I know its prolly not the best daym smoker on the market but its free, and I am just learning the art of smoking.

So, Ima sit back and take notes on what you all say, and hope to be a good "smoker" someday soon.

Food was meant to be cooked on an open flame...........that is all
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Nelson, glad to have you. I agree nothin like live fire cooking. I dont have an ecb so no thoughts there, but i do know alot of these guys use them to turn out good smoked meat. I also cooked for years on the coals of my Weber, but smoking is way different. I recommend you take the free e-course if you haven't already. Just remember low and slow, and someone here once said if you're lookin it aint cookin.

Happy smokes and look forward to some q-view.
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Welcome to SMF Nelson! Smoking and grilling are pretty different animals. Smoking is done with indirect heat and, of course- a higher smoke content with the heat. That pan you fill with water/sand in the ECB is what makes the difference. Blocks the direct heat, allowing the meat to slow cook. Of course then there's "mopping" the food as well.

The 5 day ecourse is a great start. And yer gonna wanna look into lump type charcoal. Briquetts pretty much suck for smoking purposes.

Enjoy your time here!
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Hey F3, lots of good things to learn here. Welcome.
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Welcome to the smf F3. Lots of nice folks on here and loads of information. By all means take the 5 day E course and you will gain some valuable knowledge right out of the gate.

Happy Smokin

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Welcome to SMF! That was a nice lil' gift to ya! I own an ECB and love it. Mods are necessary on the bugger to keep from having to babysit all the time.

Here's a link to a thread that has multiple links by Walking Dude. He's got several ECBs and has documented the mods he made to his. Sounds like he's got the ECB mods down to a science.

Walking Dude's ECB mods
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Welcome aboard F3. Like everyone else has already said, you're gonna love your time spent in here. You'll be churnin out the best Q of you life in no time!
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Welcome to SMF! What part of this beautiful state are you parking your horse?
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Welcome to the forum. My grandpa always said "Don't look a gift smoker in the mouth." OK, maybe he didn't, but free is always a great price. I still have and use an ECB. Don't knock it, it works and that is what counts.
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Welcome to SMF and congrats on the free smoker .. gotta love that PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Welcome to the smf..............Lots of mods here for your unit...............Free is always good................
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what he said^.
welcome aboard
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I "park my horse" LOL in western Shawnee thanks for the welcome everyone

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Welcome to the forum. Lots of good information here. I used to live off Shawnee Mission Parkway and Nieman. But, have moved north. Pay attention and you'll be putting out some good grub in no time.
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Welcome to the forum. Tons of great advise and great people here.
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Welcome to the best smokin' site on Mother Earth, SMF that is. Many a good Q has come out of an ECB, don't sell it short.
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