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Quick Question

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I start smoking a brisket last night. I went to the store and bought a electric thermometer to monitor my temps on the brisket. Well about 4 oclock this morning the alarm stated going off and it was saying the temp was 190. I kept cooking and it is about 205 right now and wondering if I should pull it. I was expecting it to take around 18 hours to cook and was making it for dinner.
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By the way it had only been cooking about 5 hours when the temp got to about 185-190
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You now have pulled brisket material. You can wrap it in foil and a towen, and toss into a small cooler. Will remain servig temp for several hours. AND be careful to save any juice that'll want it for a finishing sauce or for reheating/freezing.

Musta been a small brisket too...
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Did you boil test your new thrmo?, do and check your meat with another proven thermo. also i check brisket in 3 locations.
Last summer i had a 14#er hit 200 in 11 hours, and i was ata comp so it made things intresting. just wrap in foil and towels in to a cooler with your digi probe laying on top of towel to moniter temp in cooler, you will be suprized how long it will stay hot.
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No it was about 13# so i left it in and now its about 205.
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It's done! Pull it off and wrap and into the cooler for dinner time.
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Good point...altho I can't think it could be more than 10 degrees off. But ya never know.
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boil test that therm before ya pull off that brisket!!!
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Well I pulled it off and it is falling apart on me so I am pretty sure it is done.
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Yup. Good indication that. What temps were you at at the grate?
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Well I am cooking on an electric smoker set the temp to 225 and added wood about every 1 to 1 1/2 hours.
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I wrapped it in a towel and foil left the thermometer in and its reading about 180 right now.
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I am kinda surprised you lost 20° that fast... Hmmm. Well, still if it's falling apart, it's done. The cooler will keep it for several hours. Leave it alone until pulling time.
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Hey thanks everyone I appreciate any help I can get.
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