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my smokers internal temp is 270, i got a shoulder in there is that ok? also how often should i add wood im using hickory chunks and mesquite chips.thanks again.
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That'll work. It's a bit high... open your exhaust vent and close the intake vent a bit. 225-230's ideal.

Add wood sparingly. Thin Blue smoke, and remember if you can smell smoke, you're smoking.

Might want to read thru this too:
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Don't worry, efrain. Just monitor your temps and understand that a fluctuation is gonna happen. When temp creeps up, close off the vent in your fire-box or charcoal box. When temp drops down, open up these same vents and add fuel (wood or charcoal as needed. A couple of chunks at a time). Always keep your chimney exhaust open all the way to avoid nasty creosote taste on your food and to ensure a good air-draw through your unit. Happy smoking!
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I hope you aint going by the therm on the door of your smoker, cuz it is usually way off!
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