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what should the internal temp for my shoulder be i heard 195 how about my smoker is 225 enough thanks.
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Here is a VERY helpful link:

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Are you using lump charcoal, propane, briquettes? What type of wood are you using?

195 should be your minimum ... 225-235 is perfect. The shoulder is a pretty lenient piece of meat so if you hit 250, you're still fine. Just try not to go over 250.
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When I do a shoulder I always bring it to at least 200 internal, sometimes higher if the feel isn't right. I'm hoping the one I'm doing now hits 200 by midnight or so. When I load the firebox up, temps while spike at about 260, I just let it fall slowly, adjusting the vent every once in a while. After about 4 hrs it's down to 190-200 and I reload.

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Efrain smoke it to about 150 and then foil and finish in a 230 oven till 205 and it will pull great. This is if you dont want to keep burning charcoal. I know everyone has all different opions but this is what i done with my last one and it literally fell apart when I opened the foil. I splashed it with my spritz before I closed up the foil and then into the oven, let it rest for an hour after it hit 205 and man was it ummmy fer yur tummy icon_smile.gif .... From all I have read the meat only takes the smoke till about 140.. Again just my 2 cents and hope it helps..
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