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I had a really good smoke last weekend minus some temperature issues that I attributed to using Kingsford. I ended up with a lot of unburned pieces that I believe were snuffed out by the copious amount of ash produced. This week, I went to Lowes and picked up one of the shaker baskets I've seen discussed here. I started my fire yesterday morning and struggled all morning to keep the temps up above 200 degrees. We had 15mph winds all day and I think that played a role. Around noon, I carefully pulled the basket out and replaced the bottom grate in the SFB. I dumped a load of Best Choice Lump in the SFB and placed the burning coals on top of the lump. Everything was fine from there on out. There was so little ash, I did not have the same problems as last week.

Interesting side note....if you ever pull your charcoal basket out full of hot coals, be careful where you place it! I thought sitting it on the concrete was and okay idea. It was for about one minute and then things started popping and exploding. After I placed the coals back in the SFB, I saw where the heat had caused the moisture in the concrete to blow of the top layer. I've seen that happen in the past and should have known better. PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

I think from here on out, I will just use the SFB as designed with the good lump charcoal. I don't think the shaker basket has enough volume to keep the temps up if there is any wind or low outside ambient temps.

Here is the pulled pork and chicken I did yesterday. I'll fire her back up around noon to do Dutch's beans, some ABTs and stuffed mushrooms.

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Nice work they look great
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