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Let there be BBQ (with Q-view)

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I rubbed down 4 chuck roasts yesterday morning and then put them on the smoker last night about 10:00. Temperature stayed pretty stable at 235, give or take, all night. Looks like at this point they have about 2 or 3 hours to go.

4 Chucks

Rubbed and wrapped

Knocking the chill off

About 6:00 A.M. after 8 hours in.

Holy BBQ and Guardian
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Great looking smoke! Thanks for the Qview.
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Awesome way to wake up there, and the dog is a treasure. Make sure to reward for the guarding duty! You get points for great thread, very nice pics, and style for the last pic!
Hope them chuckies turn out real nice for ya, I bet they will!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice q-view, nice dog.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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In case anyone is wondering, that last picture is not photoshoped. That is the real morning sun. Didn't notice it till I got the picture on my puter.
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Nice pics. The dogs always think they need to be involved in the smoking too. I know mine does. He'll try to sample the drip can when I turn around.
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Here's the rest of the pictures. BBQ Beef, ABTs and BBQ Beans. I'm full as a tick.

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Nice work! That looks great.
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Great looking spread you have there. That full feeling is always nice.
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Looks really good, I started my brisket today and have 2 guard dogs already following me around and looking for food.
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Holy smokes!!!!

Those chuck roast turned out awesome and have me thinking I should've bought one while at the butcher shop today. Did you inject them with anything or were they just rubbed. Finally, were those boneless chucks or bone-in?

Meat man has them for $2.49 per pound and I think I need to get one after looking at your post! Nice job!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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No bone. Just chuck roast from good ole Sam's Club.

I just put a light rub on them. No injected. I'm not big on injecting anything other than my fried turkeys.

The sauce I made for the shredded beef (added after pulled) was a modified Memphis sauce. I just backed off on the cider vinegar and added some honey. Worked out perfect as my wife is not a fan of any kind of vinegar. Now me on the other hand.... I love vinegar based sauces.
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