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whats up from brewtown

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Im just getting started. done a little smoking on the grill, mostly just cooking indirect. caught a bunch of catfish last week looking for recipie or basic directions to smoking them my buddy's got a brand new smoker nevr ben used. one of those rtd2 smokers.

Thanks Smoke E
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Whats up from Janesville WI. Let me know how you're smoke goes. If you go into the catagories of the forums ther eis a whole catagory on fish if not one chips on your welcome.
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Welcome to SMF. Lots to look at.
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I am lucky enough to live on a good size river that is loaded with catfish. I have tried cooking them every way possible from grilled, to smoked ,to baked,and in my hunble opinion the only way to go is deep fried with hushpuppies and cole slaw.I have spent several drunken nights trying diffrent things but eventually just bought a deep fryer I keep by the bank of the river.Good luck and let me know how it goes,I guess with enough beers you can make almost anything taste or look good.I hope your not a Brewers fan.. Go Cubs.
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Hey smoke E, welcome. Good things here about the smoke. Good luck.
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Welcome to the SMF. Enjoy your time here. Here is a recent thread on catfish. Not much info. I have no clue other than I love them deep fried.
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Make sure you let us all know how the catfish come out....q-vue please!
Yummy deep fried....
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Welcome to the greatest smoking site around.......
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