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check that out closely, Ken......might be an Indian "scraper"....looks to be the wrong kind of rock tho....PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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I would agree. Kingsford is to briquettes as RO is to Lump. Lump is betterbiggrin.gif

You win! Looks like the end of a Friday shift and the last bag. I can imagine one of the baggers saying something like, 'uhh yea Bill this one's a little light.' No prob Jim, put this in, its 10 lbs. now. Time to punch out' PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Well I'll give em a call and let yall know what happens!
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I have found a package of 2 10lb bags of hardwood lump charcoal at Costco for under $9.00. I have found that it is best to use this in combination with Cowboy brand hardwood lump.
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I opened a bag of the kingsford lump. like the pic mr.porky posted of the shiny coal.there was some of that in the bag..also some of the pieces were huge. seemed to burn okay.and lasted..but I have not done this enough to really give a good opinion as yet..
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I've used the Kingsford Charwood, and it seemed ok. Snap, crackled and popped more than the RO in the chimney, but made for a good lightshow. PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif

The piece I posted appears to have been some type of plastic or something. I'm fortunate I noticied it in the chimney before it made its way into the firebox. I have yet to contact RO to let them know of my find.
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Mali's is king of Lump Charcoal in my book...

I called my local BBQ store, Jetmore of Wantagh (pronounced Juan-taw) Long Island, NY to see what Lump Charcoal they had in stock...they only carry Mali's "Gourmet." So I looked on the Lump database and found it had a good rating but they found too many small pieces. It had the best burn and least ash. It would have been highly recommended if not for the small pieces...

So I decided to take chance. When I go there they were stacked 3 high but with care on the carpeted floor. I felt the bags and could see there were big pieces and the bag looked well tended to...

Having suffered through a bag of Cowboy Lump tonight, I decided to open one of the 4 bags of Mali's I bought...

WHAT A PLEASANT SURPRISE!! Huge pieces-all intact. Almost no breakage, small pieces or even dust...

It burns so hot and for so long and no ash. This stuff is AMAZING.

I wish I had thrown out the Cowboy and started fresh tonight with the Mali's. I have a feeling I would only be heading out to the smoker every 30 minutes to 1 hour...

When I have a chance to open more bags and do some more smoking/bbq'ing, I'll fill everyone in.


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