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Up in my neck of the woods, I seem to only be able to find cowboy at Lowes and HD. I have experimented with mixing it with kingsford charcoal and have been fairly satisfied with my smokes. The pieces are definitely small though.

I guess not using any other product, I don't know any better, but will try other brands if I see them out there. Thanks for the thread sumo. Lot's of good suggestions here.
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Is it Mexican Mesquite or something like that??
Smokie okie used some of that a while back and said it was fabulous!! biggrin.gif
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Toast on the west coast baby!

See we can't seem to get the good stuff out here!!
I am not sure if I dare to attempt making my own, my peeps would have me committed!!! As it is they think I am crazy with all the "I smoked this, I smoked that"....when I said I smoked a fatty....well that turned some heads.....
I did read some where in here that BGE & RO are the same is that true? I have read good things baout the RO big chunks, long hot burn...that was not my experiance with the BGE.......
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Yes rich I agree theres somthing Cowboy is doing wrong-as far as the wood I described yes a hardwood but a very low dence wood-it all seems very lite weight-not like if it were a oak-hickory or etc.and bubba I'm not sure yet on what type this other will be but will report back.
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Throw out the idea of smoking a meatloaf, or a bologna ... the expressions are priceless, although not as good as the fatty smirks!! biggrin.gif

I also read that RO manufactured the BGE line of charcoal, however maybe it's the scraps of the good RO stuff? Sure seems like it to me ...

Just opened the bag of Publix hardwood charcoal - nice big pieces and not a lot of small crap. Burning really, really good so far and at $4.49 per bag (it was 8.8 instead of 12#) not a bad deal at all ...
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At the start of this thread a web site is listed (naked wiz) lots of good information. I have used R.O. for years however last year A bag of R.O. that I had picked up was real sucky. after checking the naked wiz I found out why, it came from praguay. I made sure that the next bag was from the USA. My faith has returned to R.O.
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I've been using Maple leaf hardwood lump for a couple of years now. only place I've been able to find it is at Home Depot, and it's usualy aroung 15$ for an 18 klg bag

it burns very well and not much ash I usualy only clean out the ash during a smoke every 2 hours or so
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I can still count the charcoal fires I've built on one hand , so I'm still trying to learn what to look for. So far , the R/O seemed to work the best , but wally world hasn't had it in stock in the last couple of weeks here. icon_evil.gif It was fun that when we got to the checkout with the RO my wife pointed at the bag . The cashier kinda laughed and rolled her eyes when I exclaimed " OMG , We just found something in wallmart that is Made In America icon_smile.gif
Call ahead to waldowerld and see if it is in stock , grab a bunch when it is. That's my plan cool.gif
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Another one to look out for is the "Fresh Market" brand. Apparently, it's the same as "Cowboy", just in a different bag. I like most of the stuff Fresh Market carries, but I was very dissapointed with the lump charcoal. Extremely ashy, and contained a lot of random pieces.
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Wally World offerings of RO is definitely regional. I've looked all over my area on the east coast of FL (Volusia County) and can't find any lump hardwood charcoal at all.

The Publix Greenwise brand lump is actually really good! Nice big chunks and it's burning for a pretty long time. May only use 1/2 of an 8# bag to get a butt done today. Will definitely buy again unless I can get some RO.
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I've been using RO pretty consistently lately. But it is the stuff made in the USA, not the imported stuff. I wasn't happy with the bags of imported RO. Check out the side of the bag for any Country of Origin labels.

Best Choice lump is good too, if you can find it.
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I am glad that looked at this since I have an unopened bag of Cowboy at home that I planned on using, it will be returned to Lowes. I will stop by my local Ace Hardware and see what they have.

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Hey, Snowsmoker,
Check out your local Menards for the Royal Oak. It's $4 and some change for 8.8
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I use Ozark Oak. They are from Arkansas, so many midwesterners might be able to find it. For you okies... it can be found at Warehouse Market, as well as other places. I really like it... good sized medium to large peices (for the most part), low ash, high heat, and minimal popping. Also, it's ranked #1 on Naked Whiz.
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I was looking through the thread and found no mention of kingsford lump.
My son and I were at K-mart several days ago. and saw in the QUE section. bought 5 bags.have not opened one as yet to use it. any one else seen it? is it new? and is it good?
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I have used cowboy, kingsford and Royal Oak lump charcoal. In my opinion, Royal Oak is by far the best. It held the heat higher and longer much easier than the others. I experienced a lot of sparking and crackling with the cowboy like was mentioned earlier in this thread. My personal opinion is if you can get RO, go with that. You can get by with the others but not nearly as good. Once again only my opinion and I am not an expert by any means.
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coyote....I tried the Kingsford charwood...thought it was 'so-so'...it pops a little while getting it going in the chimney, but seemed to burn decent enough. Won't put it up against Royal Oak, but it will do in a pinch.

Hope this helps,
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thanks.it has to be better then western and cowboy anyways..
I have asked several retailers to please carry RO lump. lowes said we only carry what the corperate office tells us to carry. I told them so much for customer satisfaction when you get this big..the commisary on the range is going to try. and albertson will try. it will all come together one day..lol..
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I bought some of the WGC Weekend Warrior Bend last week and used it to cook my chuck roasts this weekend in my UDS. Though the "Q" turned out good, it's doubtful I will purchase anymore after I use what I have left.
Although it burned nice and slow, I just did not care for the overall smell of it and preferred the Royal Oak Steakhouse blend much better. (Green Bag)
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RO--make sure it says---Made in USA!
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