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2nd Intro:

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Put this in the wrong spot, before. I guess it belongs here:

Hi, everyone. I'm new to the forum but I have been to the site a few time. Seems like every time I'm looking to tweak something I end up there.

Hope I can get advice and tips from all of you, rookies or veterans.

A little about me:
Medium expertise - my stuff is good
I have Weber kettles, big and small
Electric smoker make from a dorm fridge. I put in a thermometer and timer.
The girlfriend has a gas grill that I used once last year - PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
I also have a fryer

I love to cook and my girlfriend and I both love meat. (That wasn't an innuendo, we like to eat :) )

Anyway, glad to be here.
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Hahaha...again, no biggie! Welcome... and enjoy!
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Welcome to SMF, Harley. Glad you're here and look forward to seeing your future posts and q-vue!
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Welcome to the SMF, second time around is a charm. Let us know about your next smoke, always looking for some interesting readout.
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Welcome to SMF,glad to have ya here-hmmm? sounds like another got busted.
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Welcome to the forum. Glad to see you found us.
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Welcome to the SMF!! So I take it your from Illinois??
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Welcome iHarley.
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Yep. Champaign. My girlfriend is from Chicago (Westmont) so my time is almost split between the two.
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Welcome...Cubs fan?!!! Ah yes I can relate....I am an Angels fan....for about 37 I am afraidI am afraid it could be another 40 years..........
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Welcome to the forum!
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Welcome aboard Harley! We are almost from the same neck of the woods. It is good to see another fellow CUBS, BEARS fan in this forum. These people rock when it comes to knowledge, so stop by and stay awhile, ask questions and smell the TBS. ENJOY!
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Welcome to SMF. Good folks here to help you along.
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Welcome aboard and glad you found us here..................
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