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Hello from Central Illinois

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My name is Tim and I have been smoking, of sorts for a number of years.

I use a Weber kettle with a fire brick dam and restaurant pan for ribs. I also have an electric water smoker that I use with wood chunks and sometimes with a small hot plate and wood chips/herbs. I also use a flower pot/electric charcoal starter/heating duct/trash can for cold smoking salmon.

Friends with orchards supply me with apple, pecan, and cherry wood. A wood worker friend supplies shavings and sawdust.

I used to get wonderful briquette with starch binders and no petro-chemicals. Are their any sources remaining?

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Welcome to the SMF Tim!! Check out Jeff's free 5-day course and his rub and sauce recipes!! I use my Weber kettle as well with a Smokenator, puts out some mighty fine Q. Look around and ask questions if ya need help.
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Welcome Tim... and you wanna move on to lump charcoal. Beats bricks hands-down in heat production and ash reduction. Not to mention not coating your meats with whatever they use to hold that other stuff together.

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Hell Springfield Tim, I am originally from Champaign, were neighbors!!! Dont know about the starch briquets or binders. I use R. Oak briquets only. Natural. Good luck
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welcome to smf tim, you will like this site!!!! maybe you should ck out some lump charcoal if you want to get away from the "quettes".
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Welcome to the SMF Look around there's alot of good information.
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I was not clear in my intro. There is no Kingsford in my grill.

I've been using lump charcoal (Royal Oak) for years and fruit or nut wood. I also had a opportunity to use the Chinese Spindle charcoal for a while. That stuff really burned hot and long with little ash. I'd like to see it again.

About a dozen years ago, Weber began selling briquettes with no mineral carbon. They used starch as the binder. Very clean and long burning with no petro smell. They only made the briquettes for about 4 years.

Three years ago, Meijer began selling "Big Briq" from Blackwood Canyon. These used yucca (starch) as the binder. Clean burning but disintegrated when hot.

Two years ago Home Depot had a similar product.

These products were very convenient for getting a large fire going and I only have one chimney.

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Hi Tim, Welcome to the forum. you have any pic's of your flower pot salmon kidding,I'd love to see that one. Show us some pic's. And again'll like it here.

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Hello Tim, and welcome to the SMF. Sounds like you're a guy who can take on a challenge hardware wise. Good luck on your next smoke, try to post some Q View too!
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Welcome to the forum.
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Hey Tim, keep your nose to the ground here. Things are real good here.
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Hiya- Welcome! I'm from Central IL- Up in Washington, which is just near Peoria.
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Welcome ..............Great people and great info here................
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Here is a picture of my cold smoking set up.

As you can see, the lid is off so you can see the rack. This is an excellent smoker. The original idea from Jacques Pepin vented the smoke into an old refrigerator.

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