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It is pretty rough

It is pretty rough... In a lot places around the country, if you care about someone you call them up every now and then to see how they are doing. People around here don't call to see how you are doing or ask "whatcha up to?" They call to say... "Hey... I'm making a beer run. You need any thing?" That's redneck for "I luv you"
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Nice SmokeChef. You can't beat the loin.
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I'm a year-and-a-half late to the thread... but for anyone (like myself) who had never heard of "gravy master" - here is the nutrition and ingredient label:

Looks pretty easy to fabricate - carmelized sugar (wouldn't that basically be brown sugar?), water, who needs soy and corn protien - just a thickener, apple cider vinegar, salt, onion powerd, celery seed, parsley, and garlic. Not too far off what many people use as a marinade base anyway!
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I've got a backstrap in my fridge now, i might try that. For those that are interested I usually just cut into "medallions" season with salt and pepper (and whatever else I feel like at the time), then sear each side on a cast-iron skillet that has gotten as hot as possible.
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Looks Great

Good looking smoke, Try it medium rare. I use to only eat medium well/well until I got a taste of a real good steak,

The chef refused to cook it the way I wanted it and told me so. He fixed it his way and I never looked back. Especially on venation.

I does cook real quick.

My place in Kentucky is dry, something granddad help do 100 yrs ago, don't know what he was thinkin.
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yep. med rare is the way i go with my venison as well. looks good.

ya ron id correct. the silver skin especially on larger animals can be real tough. slice it off.

had one of these just a few weeks back.
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