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Pork chops- how long and how hot?

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Going to cook up some pork chops tonight. How long should I cook them, and at what temp? I assume I want to get them to about 160* internal, right?

So what is the best temperature to cook them at, and how long should I let them go before I start checking the internal meat temp? it sucks that I only have 1 wireless thermometer (and it's a single probe). So I generally use that to monitor the grill temp, and then after a while I start monitoring the meat temp with the other (wired) thermometer (the wired only goes up to 212 so I can't use it for the grill temp anyway).

Anyway, what is the best way- side firebox, indirect, direct (in a chargriller)? And what temp should I try to maintain?
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Are ya gonna brine them first?. If not I would say 225-250. How thick are they? If they are only 1/2" it probably will only take about 1 1/2 hrs.
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I'm brining in salt, sugar, and water for about 1.5 hours...

They are probably about 1" thick.
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225 -250 2- 2 1/2 hrs. check @ 1 1/2
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Yeah it depends on the smoker, In my electric they would take probably just over an hour. but in ol woody probably not even and hour. I think your best bet would be what tex said and grill directly with chips and just give em the finger push test for doneness.
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Right on, thanks for the help guys.

I ended up direct grilling them and finger testing for doneness. I couldn't get my thermometer probe in far enough for an accurate temperature reading.
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What he said.
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Mmmm, plop some marbled, & heavy seasoned chops to your liking, over some glowing lump, on the Weber, Fine eats, and no fuss of brining. Only way to go in this house.
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Same with ribs... thin cuts can't be reliably probed. Experience and a finger/eyeball is how ya gotta do that.

Yum... bet they were good!
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