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Needing Help

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A couple of weeks ago some folks posted pictures of their Smoke n' Pits modifications; specifically the chimney extensions using stainless and regular steel exhaust pipes. I can't seem to find the threads or the pictures anywhere and was wondering if any of you all could help me locate them again. I would like to print out the pics and take them to my muffler shop and have them weld the mod, instead of me having to draw a picture or try to describe this to a non-smoker type. Thanks to any and all for the help!
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Is this the one Rivet?
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If it's not the one Fritz provided, how about this?
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Thanks Fritz, that was one of the posts I saw, but it shows the chimney with dryer ducting, not the steel tubing I was looking for. There was another post showing that. Thanks for helping though!
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Thanks Sumo, but shows ducting tube also. Appreciate it though!
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I used some flashing rolled up and stuck in the chimney. That way you can adjust it up or down. just another idea. You can see a picture of mine on the thread "What is the best way to seaon a Silver Smoker"cool.gif .
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Heyyyyy.........Go 'SKINS!!!!
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Thanks Teeotee, that is the one! I appreciate you all's help on this. More mods for me.....woo-hoo!
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No problem, i knew the one you was talking about, just had to find it.

Have fun with the mods.
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The pictured SnP is mine and, in case the muffler shop has questions, that is a piece of 2-1/2" exhaust pipe with a slight "swedge" (muffler guy's term) to make it stay. It is not welded, just pushed into the hole. It fits fairly tight and I have never had it fall out.

Have fun with the mods.

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Thanks too, Drowzy.... I'm familiar with the "swedge" and will talk to the guy about a baffle. 'Preciacte the pic!
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