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Welcome, I'm just down the toll road from you.
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Newbie from Oklahoma

PDT_Armataz_01_27.gifHi from Oklahoma! I just got my first smoker ever its a charbroil electric (H2O) I am a little scared of it. Its not something I have tried before but I am going to try it. I bought it used because I didnt want to invest alot of money and not be able to figure it out.

I have a question or two for the pros on here.

have you ever used a cast iron skillet (without handle) to put the wood in?
Does anyone use lava rocks in the bottom of the smoker ?
this is two suggestions from a family member and I was just curious if anyone else did those things.
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gps welcome to the smf family..from another okie
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smokin mama i would use the cast iron pot for wood chips ....lava rocks don't know never used except the one in my grill...and i took those out..so i would say no...my .02
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smokin mama, I'd absolutely use the cast iron with the electric, and here's why...the cast iron'll hold heat, and help keep the temperature in the chamber stable between the 'on/off' of the electric thermostat (if the element's anything like an electric stove, it'll heat up to temp, then shut off, then come back on, and it doesnt' keep the temperature 'quite' constant. setting an electric oven at 350 means you're going to get temperatures between about 325-375) The cast iron'll help smooth that out a bit, and help keep your smoke production constant/consistant
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Welcome to the SMF, sorry for the late greeting. You'll enjoy the freindly folks here, and the great tips too!
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