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Another Pork Loin w/q-view

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Did a couple small pork loins today. One with just my rub and one with Dutch's Mahogany Sauce. Talk about a great sauce. I'll use that for other meats too. Put a couple fattys on and ABT's, Dutch's beans,(again), smoked potatoes and snicker smoked apples. Saw that apple dessert on here, can't remember who it was but that was good tasting stuff! Had a lot of problems with the wind blowing down the stack and out the firebox. Tried to make a windbreak but couldn't keep the wind away from the stack. What a pain! Anyway here is some q-view

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Mmmm...looks like a great feast Mark.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Awesome looking meal ... makes the tacos with ground beef I'm eating look yucky! icon_sad.gif
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Mighty fine spread!
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That is an awesome spread of food, and great looking plate!
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Agree with everyone - great looking spread!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Just plain good looking smoke. Nice job. I bet eating it was even better.
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YUMMY. Thats about all I can say. Great job.
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Well yes.....I will have another plate. Good looking Q.
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great lookin smoke. grt job!!! thks for the qview
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