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Finished the mods and Q-View

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I finished the mods to my cb silver today and got right to work! I did a chicken and a tri-tip. I could tell a difference right away in keeping a steady temp although I still need more practice. Thanks for all of the help!
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That smoke ring is PERFECT!
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Fantastic smoke ring on the tri tip, that had to taste great, looks moist and tender. Glad to hear the mods worked out.wink.gif
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Definitely echo the rest of the gang with the smoke ring props! Looks like that tri-tip was juicy, as well!

Nice grub!
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What temp

Hey Congo looks great! I have a bunch of this tri-tip got em for .99 a lb. I did one to 200 and pulled it....tasted great and tender but was a little dry for my liking. I'm going to slice it next time...what temp did you take yours off at?
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I pulled it at 160*. It was incredibly tender and juicy. I had steak sandwiches with the leftovers tonight. A definite homerun with the family!
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looks good congo, usually thye tri tip is an excellent flavored cut. good job!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looks great congo-dito what the rest say-what wood did u use for smoke?
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I used lump charcoal and mango. I've got papaya in the seasoning pile....we'll see how that works.
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mango and papaya ... exotic woods that I wish we had available!
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Now i am hungry..
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