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Hello From Indiana

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Just signed up on the forum today. I am in SE Indiana and a competition BBQ cook going by the team name of Hickory Flats BBQ. I compete on Weber Smokey Mountains as I cook by myself and need a cooker that lets me get some sleep and is easily transported. I am just getting started in the art of homemade sausage and bacon. I look forward to learning from and participating in this forum.

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Welcome to the SMF. We look forward to your contribution.

As a rookie who just 'helped' a team for 1 day of a comp recently, I am quite amazed you are able to pull through a comp on your own. WOW..

PS - I saw Hickory and Indiana together and thought we might have a Hoosiers movie fan upon us. (one of my favorites)
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Hello fellow Hoosier and welcome to the forum, you have found a valuable resource here Bud.
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Welcome Paul, Send us some q-view of the next comp. Like the pro photos.
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Glad to have you with the SMF family, Paul. This is a great site full of friendly people that would be interested to see your pics of your next competition, and grub!

Look forward to your future posts and q-vue!
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Thanks for the welcome!

Thanks for the welcome. I have my next comp coming up the first of June. Had to take this month off for High School graduations. I cook up allot of pulled pork for parties. I will try to get some pictures posted from Fairbanks, IN Q For the Kids contest. This is located just south of Terre Haute, IN. If any one wants to stop by let me know and I'll give details and directions.

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howdy neighbor gl on comps
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Welcome to the smf family................Good luck at the comp........
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welcome to smf paul,looking forward to you posting all hickory flats competition bbq recipies and techniques. lol, u will enjoy ur time spent here and learn a bunch.
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I would love to try your bbq sometime. I live in mooresville Indiana. We have a competition team here called squealers. Let me know the next comp you'll be at.
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My next contest will be Q for the Kids in Fairbanks, IN 6/6/08-6/7/08. This is not too far from Mooresville. Here is a link

Check it out we would love to have you enter or if that is not possible just come down and watch. This is a second year contest and very cooker friendly. You can arrive as early as Thursday and leave as late as Sunday. They have showers on site. Patty Lenges runs a class act. It is a small contest but has some great teams and there is a wonderful pitch in by the teams on Friday. I am here to tell you that meal is worth the price of the entry.

Hope to see some folks there!

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