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Fat Cap Question

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In the middle of rubbing down my boston butts for the weekend smoke, i wondered if it was really necessary to apply rub on the fat cap. I've never got any good bark from it, so why put rub on it?
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I rarely over rub the fat cap, no reason too, like you said.

Ends up rendered, or on the grate.

I'm also fat cap down, to protect the meat, as my heat sources are below.

What is your heat source, cooker type, Kyle?
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I don't rub the fat cap, but I often sear it before a smoke.
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I cover the whole butt with yeller mustard and then rub, don't hurt nothin, then cook fat cap up, found mine er a little juiceier that way. Yall ain't gonna hurt a thin ifin ya dont put rub on the cap and ya really aint gonna hurt notin ifin ya cook yurs cap down. See a pork butt be very fergivin, ya gots ta work real hard ta mess it up!
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Well I'm a fat cap up kinda guy and in my opinion rubbing the fat cap incorporates the rub with the fat basting the meat. This however my humble opinion and worth exactly what you paid for it.icon_smile.gif
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I have recently taken to trimming the fat cap off and rubbing the whole thing..............eliminates the controversy LOL The results have been good...........more bark.
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I agree with cruz-it's gonna help baste the meat with the extra rub-but than again-theres more than 1 way to skin a cat.
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I think we just figured out your problem!! PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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I've got a GOSM Widebody.

I can see where it could be beneficial if you cook with the fatcap up. Thanks for all the responses.
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Cruzen, i'm with you.
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Avatar says PORK FAT RULES... Although an interesting idea! Thinkin about experimenting...
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Do what C. Dan Does!

The captain scores his fatcap, then rubs the crack a bit--hmmm. Actually, I tried it today, plenty juicy and flavorful. I think I should have gone into the meat a little further though to get a nice expansive crack!

mAybe Dan will weigh in here and put one of his butts on the thread.

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I just rub the whole thing cuz it's easier when I have both hands into the whole mess! I usually go fat cap up, tho' have tried it down too. I still think that cap up lets the fats and juices baste the meat as you go. Matter of opinion. One thing that holds true though, is that ya caint beat a good tastin' rub! That's the secret.
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well since ya asked, and actually tried it yourself( I am flattered) here is a pick, and a quick comment/observation.

The fatcap contraversy, has always puzzled me, so I tried a few different experiments. The scoring seen above is done before the rub, and the cuts go through both the false cap, and the bottom cap. Then the rub is applied and worked into the cracks and crevis's, and wrapped in celophane and refrigerated overnite. Taken out of the chill first thing in the am, and allowed to warm up a bit(1-2 hrs) while the wood burns down to coals, and temps stabilize a bit. They go on cap up, and are smoked over wood splits untill they reach 170-175, then foiled and cooked over wood for additional time until the 200-205 internal is reached. Then they are refoiled, and allowed to rest in coolers for 1-3 hrs. I have found that this technique works very well for me and my kind of smoker. If I was still using my charbroils silver to do these butts, I would probably not cook them cap up.

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another look, after just a couple hrs in the smoker

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Nice pic Dan,

I didn't score too deep today, but still had good results in flavor, but not the presentation pic,etc. What do you mean by"cuts go through both the false cap, and the bottom cap'" Does that mean you score the fatcap all the through and into the pork about 1/4"---sort of like the way I score double smoked hams?

Thanks in advance,

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pretty much Steve. I try to cut just to the actual meat, but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference if ya cut into it a bit, or not get quite to it. I don't make too much of a thing out of the scoring , just dragging a real sharp night across it 3-4 times, turn it 90 degrees, and slice it again. They do look pretty cool when they are smokin, and the cutts act like little channels to wick away the fat.I think it helps the meat under the cap get some of the rub flavor into it, and some bark on it too!
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I figured thats what you were doing. I didn't cut into the meat enough when i scored today so I didn't get the separation of the incision like your pic---but i do get that look from my double smoked hams---lol--what am I stupid?---the hams I cook are "BUTT" cuts!

Thanks again,

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Beautiful stuff, Cap'n
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LOL I have not done it in a comp.......yet.......PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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