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Total Greenhorn

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Hi Everyone,
I just found this website and and forum yesterday and am wicked siked! (yes, I am from Massachusetts if you didnt recognize the phrasing) I just got a brinkman offset smoker for my bday and am going to use it this weekend for the first time so I am a Total Greenhorn. I've been researching a bunch of things to get started and have a few questions for some of the guru's out there.
I planned on using charcoal and was curious if you could/should typically add in some wood chunks for the first few hours of smoking? They sell bags of hickory chunks at the grill store and I was going to pick up a bag, so if you do add in a few wood chunks, would you soak them at all first or are the pre-bought chunks ok as is?
I read a few posts rergarding modifications to this style of smoker to aid in heat retention? Are any of these modifications fairly easy and uncomplicated? I did sign up for the ecourse and read the first chapter so forgive me if this is covered in the later lessons... just want to learn as much as I can.

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Welcome to the SMF! Put some wood on the fire as soon as you get it up to temp...I don't soak my wood first, just through em in.
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Welcome to the SMF Family! Looking forward to reading your future posts, and q-vue!
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welcome to SMF scruff,to soak or not-a ongoing debate in here-try without and than with see which you like.make sure u season your smoker first-clean the mfg. oils out with mild soap & water and give it a good dry run with some heat-throw a couple chunks of wood in after your coals get going to get some TBS.many more will be around to be helping also-glad u found us.
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Welcome to the smf....................You will love this place..............
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Thanks and I already love it!
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ya... I agree with everyone else... burn that thing off before you cook with it. This will also let you get a since of how it heats. You can see how the temp changes by opening up the firebox door. Good luck.
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Welcome to the forum scruffer! Glad to have ya
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welcome to smf scruffer, absolutly add would chunks!!!! will enhance flavor greatly. dont need to add alot just so it there. personally i dont soak chunks at all. have in the past with both chips and chunks and really havnt seen a benifet. send qveiw from smoke
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thats awesome, great accomplishment! hopefully i'll get there in a fewyears ;)
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