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Introducing myself

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Hello everyone,

I'm am brand new to smoking. I am a 23 year old paramedic from Missouri about 1 hour south of St. Louis. I have always loved to BBQ and figured I would buy a smoker and jump in feet first. I have been reading this forum the past couple days and in the process of going through the 5 day ecourse and have found it very helpful! I went out yesterday and bought a new GOSM smoker and seasoned it last night. As we speak I am smoking a Boston cut pork butt to try some pulled pork. Hopefully it comes out well using Jeff's famous rub! I am looking forward to meeting many people on here and learning many tricks.
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Welcome to SMF medicbiff. Sounds like you are off on the right track. Be sure to ask any questions you may have and don't forget we love the Q-view if you're able.
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Welcome medicbiff!

You will find the forum very friendly and useful. Which model GOSM did you purchase?
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Welcome to SMF, and your newest addiction :{) I think you may be a goner already! Enjoy the ride.
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Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome to the SMF. Friendly folks here that like to help out. Be sure to take your butt up to 195-205 internal then foil it, wrap it in towels, place it in your cooler and let it rest for a couple of hours. It will be so good that if you placed a piece of it on top of your head your tongue would slap you silly trying to get to it.
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Welcome to SMF , see ya in the forums !!
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Welcome to SMF
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Hey Medicbiff, your gonna like that GOSM especially during the colder months. Welcome aboard!
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Welcome to SMF glad u found us.
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Welcome, Biff. Glad you jumped into the SMF right away after taking a look. Let know how the pulled pork turns out. We like Q-view.
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Hey Biff, Welcome and glad you're here. I just received Jeff's recipe myself, but have not made the time to try it as of yet. Let me know what your opinion is and how the pulled pork turn out.

There is a lot of helpful and funny (as in haha) people here, so your at the right place for sure.

Keep on smoke'n

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Hey Biff, your on the right track. These guys will make your game extreme in a short amount of time. Happy smokin. Send us some q-view soon.
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Welcome to the SMF! If you get stuck on something (not litteraly of course.....but on second thought could be an interesting story) let us know.
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Glad you've joined us, lots of great stuff on the site! Look forward to reading your future posts.
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Welcome to the smf................Glad you found us here..............
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Welcome to the smf Biff. Lots of nice folks on here to help answer your questions. This is the place to be if you are hooked on smoking meat.

Happy Smokin

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