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First Timer

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I was given an electric smoker. It has a hot plate at the bottom, 3 wired shelves, a top vent and a pan for wood. I put a thermometer in the door. I've ordered a wireless remote meat thermometer.

I got the instructions here on how to smoke a chicken. I put the chicken in the smoker and then found out I should brine the chicken. Since the chicken hadn't been in but for a couple a minutes I yanked that thing outta there and made a brine as similar to the one given here. It' soaking now. I sure like the idea of not heating up the house cooking, setting smoker and wearing the timer so I can go do other things.

So here I am. I've got a new electric smoker and now I have you guys.
I'll read all the advise I can get....I'll get the 5 day course next.
I like my ribs dry... no sauce... that is. I want that juicy goodness uncorrupted with a wet messy sauce. Just the juicy meat.
I'll try ribs next...again, I'll take all the advice I can get.
The 3 shelves are a concern to me. I'm not so sure where to put the meat. The smoker is only about 3' high so there's not much room in there. There must be some rule about bottom, middle, top shelf cooking. Know anything about that?
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Welcome aboard................Glad to have you here............
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You have been diligent and made a Roll Call post... thank ya! Other forums are available for questions... anyway..

The racks Do have differing temps. Health wise..always poultry on the bottom. Higher temps on the bottom, but in a well set up and tended smoker..the differential is minimal. Check out the 3-2-1 method, on the left of the main screen. It'll get ya close. Experience will perfect it.
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Welcome to the SMF. I like my ribs Memphis style... dry rubbed. Usually the bottom rack will be hotter than those above it, but always confirm that with a calibrated therm/meat probe. Don't smoke without one.
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Good luck. You will be glad you took the time to brine.
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Howdy Hi..
Nice to see another new Texan come along. :-)
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Welcome to SMF. Lots of good folk here to answer your questions, so ask away remember the only dumb question is the one not asked. Let the forum know how you like the brined chix
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Hey Tex...I agree with Rich. The 3-2-1 method of doing ribs will get you good results. The meat temp thermometer is a must have item for smokin. I have two of them and plan on getting another in the near future.

Don't forget to rinse the chickens off after they are brined.
Looking forward to some Q-View from you.

Happy Smokin

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