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What end is up?

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Well I am not new to smoking, but have had a hell of a time the last couple years producing food that I am proud to serve. The last few months I have made great strides and have had some promising results. I don't know what I can contribute to the forum, but I will sure be taking all the great advice I have seen!

I have a Brinkmann Smoke n Pitt Professional with most of the modifications. This week I hope to put a couple thermometers in the lid at grate level to free up my probes for the actual meat I am smoking.

I live in Sourthern CO where the wind blows constantly. I usually smoke in the garage (minus the car) with a modification to the vent used by my water heater. Works like a charm, very little smoke escapes into the garage.

I usually like to ramble on, so my posts will not be short, but hopefully interesting.

Anyway, hello everyone! Glad to be here!!!
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Great place you came across here. Being experienced, you'll find in short order that you'll have more than a few of your own ideas to share for the newbs and vets alike! Welcome!
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Welcome aboard.........You might want to take the free 5day ecourse, lots of great info........And always feel free to search the posts and /or ask and someone will have an answer for you...............
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Hey Nate welcome to SMF! Keep reading and asking. You'll be better than ya thought ya could be shortly!
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Welcome to the SMF Nate!!
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