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tryn' 2 finger it out

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Just got a smoker on monday and haven't stopped since. going to do cheese today and looking for all the help i can get any info will help.

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Welcome dlenon! Glad to have ya
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Welcome to SMF. What kind of smoker? More info will guarentee better answers! Enjoy!
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Welcome aboard. Ask away and answers will come shortly. Always somebody willing to help.

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Hey dlenon. Welcome to smf. You found the right place to get any question answered you have.
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Char Griller Super Pro w/ sfb
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I've got the same chargriller. have you tried cheese at all
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ya interested in the cheese?? Cold smoke with the CG, lets do it!!!

BTW, welcome aboard, wonderful smoker ya got there my friend!!!
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smoking now, i'll let you know how it turned out. monteray jack and a wild horseradish aged cheddar w/ alder chips
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welcome to smf!!! keep us posted on how the cheese turns out!!!
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Welcome aboard..............Great people here to help you out..........
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Chez update

I probably picked the worst day to try the chez for the first time. wind was blowing aboot 25 mph so temp was extremely difficult to maintain. temp did reach 115 so i did have some melt but thank god that looks aren't everything. Taste was wonderful and can't wait for a new day to give it another swirl. Thanks again for the tips.

smoke em if you got em.
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Try some Tatters, Idaho.
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