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load of rubs

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seen this while cruzin around the webb thought some might find it useful here at the SMF..

I guess if you use one rate it here. ca ca or there I was all these folks wantin
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Thanks for the link coyote. Found a recipie on there I've been wanting.

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Wow coyote! That's alot of recipes.
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lotsa interesting stuff on that link. thanks for sharing
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Great site, thanks. I checked out the appetizer recipes looks like a few good ideas for ABT's
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Great link I'll try a few out and post me findings here. I don't like MSG so I won't try them.
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Man, that's a crazy amount of recipes! Made it to my favorites "BBQ" folder!
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Thanks.......Another place to look for recipes....................
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and here is another Kookie..enjoy..I just hope we have time to try them all.
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