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New Braunfels Hondo

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Just picked up one of these today at my local (what used to be) Cummins Tool for $99.

It's outside seasoning now, and I'm noticing all the leaks (I've been reading here, I was expecting this). I was thinking about pulling the firebox back off and using a high temp silicone sealer. Is there a recommended one, or can I just use the same stuff I use when working on engines?
Still need to buy a couple thermometers to mount at grill level, a couple digitals, and extend the stack to the grills.
This has got to be the best Mothers day present my wife ever got! Really, it was her idea. I keep showing her pics from this site.
Tomorrow for Mom's day we're doing a tenderloin, a couple pork chops left in the freezer, ABT with little smokies and chedder. the "wicked baked bean" recipe I found here, and a few twice baked/smoked potatoes.

If I remember I'll post a q-view tomorrow.
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Good deal for a good quality offset.
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Sounds like a nice unit...........For sealing the sfb to the unit you could use fiberglass rope gasket for firplaces........Thats what I used on mine...........
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Here is the beginning q-view.
Wicked beans, tenderloin, porkchops, ABT baked potato's cored and filled with garlic butter.

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Beautiful, looks like some vittles!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif Those beans are the best my friend, the best!!! have funPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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And the finished product... The potato's could have went a bit longer. They were kinda hard.
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nice gift

congrats on smoker..inexpensive digital therm-remote charmglow at home depot--$ great has a large least 150 feet..
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Yeah, I need to get a decent thermometer. I have a digital fork that's nice, but I have to open the smoker to use it.
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