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Large propane Mod

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I've got a large propane tank (I dont remember the poundage, but the ones you have in the back yard.), anyways I use this tank to fire my fireplace in the house. When they installed the line I had them put a tee in the line so I could hook up the Grill to it and not have to worry about runnin out of gas.

Now I'm ready to actually install the line and decided to tee that and run a line to my smoker too. Figured I might as well since the smoker and grill are next to each other.

Hopefully this works ok. Anyone done this before and have any suggestions?

I'm using the CSS (I think that is what they call it) pipe. It is the flexable yellow covered flexable gas pipe.
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I've got mine hooked up to my propane tank that heats my house. Make sure your line is tapped onto the low side of the pressure regulator. I had to cut the regulator that went onto the small BBQ tank off and just used a barb fitting into the line. Make sure you don't have any leaks and also I have a nice shut off for the grill and the smoker.
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Here is my results:

This is an overall view of my grill'n area.

Pic of the hookup for my Grill

Hookup for my smoker

Tee where the Grill and the smoker split.

Where the pipe hooks to the main gas line.

I had to remove the regulator from the grill because as you can see there is already a regulator on the line. I kept the regulator for the smoker because I needed the control for the gas. However, it should be ok because the smoker does not need a large amt of psi. I tried the Grill with all the burners lit and all the fireplace and I had no problems with lack of gas at either place.

Overall I think it went well.
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I'm guessing you didn't pull a permit for that........?PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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Permits....we don need no stinking permits!!!
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