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Working on a Brisket, Q-view

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Well, I'm doing another brisket today between cleaning carpets and chores/spring cleaning around the house and yard. So, I figured I may as well take some pictures and post them up.

Here's a 5 lb flat. I did some marinating and injecting with it as usual. I also put on Jeff's Rub. In addition, there is a pan of sliced Jalapenos and a quartered onion in the pan below with apple juice and a bit of water.

Here are a few pictures and the last at 3 hours and the plateau of 139:

I have some more goodies for tomorrow and Mother's Day so I'll give full report next week when things settle down.
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great lookin brisket you got going there,looking forward to the finished product.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Mmmm...looks great Abelman!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
What time is supper?smile.gif
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Thanks Cowgirl, as for dinner, not soon enough. I'm doing this low and slow, after 6 hours, we're at 150.

It's been a starnge day, very windy, some brief snow, then rain, etc. So, I'll keep it slow and keep running back in forth. At this rate, might just save it for tomorrow with the chicken fixins as we have some guests coming over.
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Brrrr....sounds kinda cold Abelman! Hope you have good luck with the smoke.
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Abelman - that idea with the peppers and onions catching the brisket juice looks great! The q-vue is nice and clear, thanks for making the drool build up!

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Thanks, we'll be OK, it's Colorado weather. It's one place that I know of where you can ski and golf in the same day if need be. Spring here is crazy. We can go from a 80 degree day to 40 degrees and 6 inches of snow the next. It's home though so no worries.
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You caught that, thanks for the compliment!
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You can ski and golf here in Mesa, Az in the same day, too. As long as your skiing is done on water. If you want to cold smoke food, you have to turn on the AC, though.
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A little update, at 7.5 hours, 153 degrees internal, this will take some time but it will be worth it IMO......

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We're at 10 hours, low and slow, 155 internal which surprises me a bit. Looks like I have two plateaus on this one. Anyway, it looks good so far:

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I am updating my update. Here is the meat at 11 and a half hours at 165, we're going to foil now until 185.:

As for the jalapenos and oninons below, INCREDIBLE!. I had to edit this as these are sooooo good. I can't stop eating them. I have to admit, this is the first time I have tried this as I was flying by the seat of my pants. It just happened to work. It could be better than the meat if that makes any sense, I don't know yet. Please, try this and make it better, really! Just let me know if you do:

This all gets eaten tomorrow with some other chicken type things biggrin.gif
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Abelman that food is great looking. I have a feeling the folks at your place will be eaten good.
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Great lookin Q! Would love to see that brisket sliced!
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Great idea with the onions, peppers and japs. They look awsome!
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