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Hi guys,
Great to get on board, I've been eating good BBQ for years and traveled the US tasteing what each city had to offer but have not done much smokin of my own.
A couple years back I bought a Grand Cafe gas smoker from Costco and installed it next to my built in BBQ. Converted it to natural gas and have cooked alot of pork shoulder (love pulled pork) but have not had a lot of luck with ribs.
If anyone has a Grand Cafe I could use some advice on ribs ect...
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Welcome to the forum JJC. smile.gif
I'm not familiar with the Grand Cafe smoker, but I bet someone here can answer your questions.
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Welcome to the SMF! For some lip smackin ribs I would suggest taking Jeff's 5-day ecourse and purchase the rub and sauce recipe. Then do a search here on 3-2-1 and read up on the process, fire up your smoker to 225* and you will be well on your way to rib nirvana.
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welcome to SMF,glad to have ya.
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Welcome to SMF. DOing the ribs shouldn't be a problem as long as you can keep the temp low. Haven't used natural gas, but I can't see that its much different. Check the 3-2-1 topic Jeff posted, and you should be okay.
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Welcome aboard................Lots of great info here.................
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Welcome to the smf. Lots of nice people and loads of good information

Happy Smokin

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Welcome. Happy smokes.
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Welcome to the SMF!!
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Another welcome to the forum family! Definitely check out the 3-2-1 method. I always thought I could grill a decent rack of ribs, but I was shown the way of low and slow, and there is simply no comparison!
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