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Teams first comp!!! - Page 2

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Hehehe...that's good. Three Men and a Butt must remember that one!
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When I entered my first comp, all I wished for is that we didn't come in last!! Good Luck guys, and remember to have some fun!!
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Oh, and don't listen to Rich on the chicken.....:)
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Thank you all for the support, can't wait to see how we do.
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May the smoke gods smile upon yer smoker! Good luck fellers! Yall will do us proud I'm sure!
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Yes, good luck. I am excited for you. Hope to compete at some point in the future myself.
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Maryland boys do well!

Good luck guys! I'll look for ya there tomorrow, only live about a mile away.
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Knock it to em all!

Hope you guys do good---bring your cameras:-)

We are all pulling for you!!!!!

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Wanting to know how the contest went? Any news?
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No great news.... we didnt bring home any trophies.... Placed pretty good in a couple catagories... will post pics later... on a little bit of a time line today.... Smokeys my pet has our score sheets on of us will post how we did over all.....

We didnt come in last anywhere.... guess thats good... didnt place anywhere near what we hoped for tho...

Look out Bel Air!!! we are already in the mode to get ready for the next one!!

Learned a few things.... Thanks for all the support!!! Like i said we will post more info/pics later!

Congrats to those who did well at the comp!!
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Can't wait to see the pics Mark, bet it was fun!smile.gif
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Hey ya guys competeted, thats the main thing, ya wern't last and that counts too! Ifin yall had fun is the main thing! Good luck on the next run, yall just keep improvin ya style and yall be movin right up the latter! Keep up the good work fellas!
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It takes a lot just to get out there and do it. Congrats on taking it on and not coming in last!! That was my hope when I did my first one.....just don't come in last. You learn something everytime you go out...continued success with the comps!!
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As was already said...........congrats on just getting out there and doing it. Looking forward to those pics.
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Congrats on giving it your best shot. Looking forward to the Q-View. As long as you guys had a good time and learned a few things along the way, it was a sucess. icon_smile.gif

Happy Smokin

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Fun Fun Fun !!!!!!!!!!

I Must Say It Was Fun Fun Fun. Really Enjoyed It And Looking Forward To More. Not Sure Who It Was That Said It Would Be Addicting To Compete But It Is Very True. We Got The Bug!!!!!!!!!!!

We Were 17 Of 20 Overall But I Am Not Disappointed As You Never Know What A Judge Will Be In The Mood For On Any Given Day. The Experience Alone With All The Other Teams Was Worth It To Me. Lots Of Great People Ot There To Have Fun Like Us Too.

If There Is Any Comps. In Your Area Do One And Have Fun. Remember There Will Be Leftovers To Take Home To Enjoy No Matter What The Judges Think.

Have Fun And Keep It Thin And Blue!!!!!!!
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You owe us some pics!!! wink.gif
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Not bad, Smoke. We had quite a few issues to contend with at the Eagle comp too... some forseen, some not. It's hard as heck... a real challenge to even make the times. I know...we missed chicken by about a half hour. Sigh.
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Yeah, once you do one, you come away with a lot more respect for the teams that consistently place well...........harder than it seems like it should be.
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