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Decided to give pork a try with Q-view

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After several successful briskets and loads of spare ribs, I decided to give pulled pork a try. YUMMY!!!!!!

I read everything on this site I could find and Saturday morning I came out punching! :0-)

I was concerned about it being too smokey, since pork is a lighter meat, but I think in the end, I could have gone with more smoke. Next time! (And I can assure you, there will be a next time.)

Love that vinegar sauce!!! Mmmmmmmmmm

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Great Job there my friend. What type of wood did you use?
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I use oak and apple. Just bought some pecan but haven't used it yet. I stopped the smoke at about 140 degrees.
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I really like to use maple and hickory when I smoke my butts. Did you use a rub? Did you spritz or mop? And lastly, did you smoke it fat cap down?
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Barbeque with out butts just aint barbeque, now you know. What did ya smoke, a shoulder, butt, pinic? Glad to see ya give the other white meat a try! Pork Butts are my favorite, and everyone loves them. They are often massive, and time consuming, but be patient, and the rewards outweigh the effort big time. Good to see ya posting again, seems like ya got lost for awhile there!
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I don't really worry about getting too much smoke when smoking butts alone. My thinkin is that any creosote (?) that may build up will be overpowered by all the meat under the bark. Definitely like my PP to be smoky! And yeah, my last PP batch, I used SFQ's finishin sauce. Makes a WORLD of difference!!
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I created my own rub with about 14 spices that the fam is crazy about. Fat side up (same for my brisket) and spritz. Apple cider and H2O.
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I agree on the finishing sauce. I have found that it is better to put it on as you heat up some q versus the whole batch at once. The vin has been known to make the meat too mushy if it thrown on all at once. I also agree on the bark. I throw smoke at my butts the whole time in the smoker.
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For a twist, you can rub it down with mustard (the mustard taste goes away), then sling yer special seasonings on and smoke it fat cap down. That will make a pretty nice bark on your q.
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Butt, just because I like the sound of smoking a butt! :0-)

Glad to be posting...means my tummy is full!! icon_smile.gif
Had two weekends of yummy smoking but forgot to take pics of the burgers and didn't figure another brisket was very exciting so didn't have anything to post.

I got some new Jack Daniel's flavored wood that I'm going to give a try but not sure what to try them on...any suggestions????

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Is there a difference between mustard or mayo? I've heard of both but was afraid it would make it greasy.
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Don't know about mayo..that would seem to equal grease to me. The mustard, either plain yellow or brown, works great. The taste goes away and leaves a nice burnt looking bark. But don't be fooled...the meat is very tender and the bark adds a little crunch...MMMM. But, don't forget to leave the fat cap down or it will wash off some of your rub and will prevent the bark from forming.
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Now see...that's interesting because I thought you had to leave it up for your meat to be moist...
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Not necessarily. That is a heated topic and you will find equal arguments on both sides. Myself, I have never had a problem with dry meat and I always smoke fat down on my butts. I would suggest that you give it a shot and just see for yourself if you notice a diff. Butts are pretty forgiving and pretty cheap cuts of meat to practice on.
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I just love the vinegar sauce that is used on pulled pork! Not much of a BBQ sauce fan, never use it on the brisket or ribs.
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I start fat down, go for about 4-5 hours and flip. After that the bark is pretty much formed and the fat won't wash away the rub
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Yep Cinny we can't get enough smoke here. Nice q-view.
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I prefer to rub mustard on pork shoulder before I stick the rub to it. It will not affect the taste of the pork unless you have a layer an inch thick. Every now and then you might come across some bark from a crease where mustard accumulated that tastes mustardy, but by and large you won't notice it.

I use mayo on poultry when trying to crisp up the skin. Something in the mayo helps achieve a crisper skin than going without. Now let me qualify this by saying that I use an electric smoker that struggles to get hotter than 260 degrees. If you are burning sticks or lump, then you can get a crispy skin by cranking the temp up in the smoker without the use of mayo.

I also recommend a horseradish slather on pork instead of mustard. Gives off a stronger flavor but doesn't overpower the meat. Use prepared horsey of course, not a straight root! The wimpy white stuff in bottles gives plenty of flavor.
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Great looking pork KC!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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AJ, not trying to hijack this thread, but I have always wondered how to smoke a chicken with crispy skin in my electric that also has trouble maintaining temps above 250 or so. Does the mayo really work that good? Does the taste of the mayo get cooked out?
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