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ARMY: 96-00
Air Assault
Good Times, learned a lot. Thanks for college!
Everyday I think about the men on the frontlines in Iraq and Afghanistan. Your coming home soon.... Have brisket on me when you do!
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15 years in the Army Reserve one tour in Iraq 2005-2006 with 3rd ID 2nd Brigade, currently ful time with the North Dakota Air National Guard, Security Forces
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USAF 1989-2002
Homestead AFB FL (Desert Shield/Storm)
Keesler AFB MS
Ft. Gordon GA
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Enlisted in the South Carolina Army National Guard at 17 years old, as a pvt. retired in june of 91, with 37 yrs, 11 mo, and 19 days, as a COL. have had several tours of active duty and been deployed many times. I served as a rifleman in a rifle squad, squad leader, platoon leader, company commander, Bn. S-3 and Bn commander of a Mech Inf Bn. I would not trade what I did with anyone. the last 27 years of my service was active full time. I am truly greatful to all those who have served and are still serving today and am very proud to have been a small part of what makes this country great.
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Sept. 1966 - Born at Beale A.F.B.
1969 -1984 Bounced around globe with family
1988 - Enlisted in US Navy
1989 - Assigned to VF-142 Ghostriders(F-14 squadron), Virginia Beach
USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN-69
First at-sea sailor to make PC quals with an F-14B
Operation Desert Shield
Present in Berlin Germany when the Soviets said their final farewells
Order of the Blue Nose
Suez Safari
Plankowner USS George Washington CVN-73
Joint Intel Center Pacific, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
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US Army 69-71
25th Infantry-Air Cavalry
Helicopter Unit
Viet Nam-Cambodia

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I'm a serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces, 1988 - present
Currently posted to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Deployments - Afghanistan x 2
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USN 1990 - 94

USS George C. Marshal SSBN-654 Gold and Blue Crews and Decom Plank owner
USS Annapolis - SSN-760
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U.S. Army 1995 - 2003
Germany, Bosnia, Saudi, Ft. Bragg, D.A. select recruter (but dont tell anybody)

Thanks to all that have served, I would still be in if I did not blow out my knees. God bless all the men and women currently fighting for our country
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U.S Air Force 2005-current
Charleston AFB SC
Incirlik AB Turkey
Al Udeid AB Qatar
Orders to Yokota AB Japan-leaving in July
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Nam 69-70
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Been active Navy for 18 years...Currently serving aboard USS Monterey (CG-61) and looking forward to retiring the first time in a couple years.
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Just ETSd in March after almost 8 years in the Army. Loved it....miss it. Never been over seas, was in GA, TX and MD. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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U.s Army

stationed in Kaiserslautern Germany 41st Ord Co. 1985 to 1987

stationed in Fort Benning 608th Ord Co 1987 to 1989

best time i had was in Germany made some really good friends.
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USN NMCB 133 from 1976-1980, went to Rota Spain, Roosevelt Roads PR, and Diego Garcia. Home station in Gulfport Ms.
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US Army. 1985-1990.
USASCH. United Stated Army Support Command Hawaii.
(Airfield Operations, ATC, Personal driver for Post Commander)

25th Infantry Division, Sholfield Barracks, HHC Aviation Brigade.
(Airfield Operations)

WBAMC. William Beaumont Army Medical Center/Fort Bliss.
(Behavioral Science Spec)

2 years post service working with military dependents in Drug/Alcohol, Mental Health Civilian Sector, WBAMC.

Absolutely the best times of my life where those spent in the service. Miss it everyday.
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U.S. Army 89 to 07
Military Intelligence
Operation Desert Shield/Storm-1st Infantry Division/1st Cavalry Division
Operation Joint Endeavor-Bosnia/Hungary-M.I. Batallion-Low Intensity
Operation Restore/Uphold Democracy/Haiti-M.I. Batallion-Low Intensity
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USAF Security Police 1985-2005
Aviano Air base, Italy
Rhein-Main Air Base, Germany
Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana
Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico
Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina
Deployed to Turkey,Kuwait and Iraq
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Canadian Navy. Marine Engineer (about the same level as E7/E8) just retired this last fall after 20 years. at least there is one other Canuck on this post haha.

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Retired Army Here
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