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Clean Up Week Find

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Every year in Fargo we have a clean up week where people set out onto the curb stuff they no longer want, with the intent others can take it if they choose before the garbage truck collects the items.

Well today I found a Cabela's smoker that appears to have been used once and was never cleaned up. it is missing the thermometer and electric cord to hook up to the element. My question is, do I convert it and just use it as a charcoal smoker or do I order a power cord for it? Keeping in mind I have 2 MES's. I am leaning towards making it a charcoal smoker, but thought I would get advise from my fellow SMF friends.....

This should clean up to look like new !!!

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Sweet find............The only thing I found this year at cleanup week here is a couple computers to fix up..........
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I think it depends on whatever you already have. If you don't have a charcoal smoker, go that route. Great find whichever way you go!
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WOW!! Some people have more luck than

Great find Mossy!! If it were me, I go at it with the attitude that "it was FREE, I can do wtf ever I want to with it!!"

Looks like a new "family pic" is due.....heh

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Bout all I find on junk day is junk! Need some higher class folk round here! Gettin be to many poor people, quality of the junk is fallin off!

Nice find Mossy!
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I think you need to send it to
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Well, you just disqualified me from moving to N Iowa! But you wouldn't want me there anyway. My garage is FULL of junk that I just can't let go of...
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Great find tough decision whichever you can't go wrong it looks nice
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I say keep it for lump & if you ever come across a small burner with regulator turn it into a gasser.great find Mo.
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Great find. Go charcoal to open your possibilities more. You just reminded me that our junk day is next week. I'm hoping to score some good junk too.
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