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My first go at BBs.....

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I've done Spares numerous times and have always chose those due to price. But, I decided to mix it up and went with some BBs from Costco. I got 2 racks going now along with 2 fatties stuffed with cream cheese, some turkey thighs to use for sandwiches during the week and the ABTs are going on in an hour or so.

Smoking everything using pecan wood and I'm not doing any foiling (3-2-1, etc) for my ribs. I don't with Spares so not going to with BBs. I'm planning on 5 to 6 hours for the BBs?? My ECB is holding steady at 225* right now and I realize I need a bigger smoker because I'm not sure where my ABTs are going to go. lol.

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Does look good! Can't wait to see how they come out.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That's a great looking start, guy... keep us updated!
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Everything looks great, especially those busted-out ABTs! Thanks for the q-vue! biggrin.gif
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nice looking grub ya got there.
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Looking good...........Good job...........
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Looks great.
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Ok finally able to post the finishing pics. The BBs turned out ok; not the best but the were tender and great smoke flavor throughout; needed to be a little bit crisper. The ABTs are the best ever (had to save a few for pics, they went fast) and the fatties turned out great as well. One kind of blew up on me which I knew was going to happen because I had a bad roll. I had a bite of the turkey and that turned out nice and can't wait to make sandwiches out of those.

The family loved the ribs but I would grade myself a C+. I did put them on the grill to try and crisp but was tenetative because I didn't want to dry them out. I like the spares better, just my opinion. But I would like to perfect the BBs at some point.....

2 things I learned from this smoke. 1. I need a bigger smoker, 2. trust my gut and let the smoke fly (I tend to over think things....).

Hope you all had great weekends. Thanks.

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