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Continuing problems with my Smoker

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I thought the new regulator and hose would do the trick and get rid of the orange flame. No luck. if anything it is worse. When i went out to check the smoker got noisy for a second like a jet engine then the noise dissapeared.

So there is either something clogging the tube that I can't get to or see, or the burner is cracked.

Very frustrating. I am going to see if i can borrow my friend's air compressor and try and blow it out, AGAIN! or it's time for another e-mail to Camp Chef.
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Sure sorry to hear that Ron, hope the air compressor clears it up.
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so they sent the regulator WITH hose?

kinda answers my pm to you
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Yep regulator and hose one unit. Not the regulator
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I'm like 2 steps away from giving up on this period
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Sorry to heard about your problems......It sounds like it has to be your burner......Maybe the holes in the burner are clogged?........Maybe find a small wire that will fit into the little holes in the burn and make sure they are all open........Hope you get it fixed, I know how fustrating it can be......
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Thanks but i have tried that already. The burner is pristine. It's either got an internal crack somewhere or the venturi valve assembly is blocked. I've blown it out already, taken it apart, taken apart the valve, changed the tanks, changed the regulator.

This is suppose to be relaxation not frustration. Sorry for venting.
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hey ron.........ONCE you get it figured are/will be helping others that may have that same problem futher down the line..........i know thats not much...........but it IS a thought............

maybe SWITCH TO CHARCOAL..........less frustrating...........icon_surprised.gifeek.gifcool.gif
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I'm thinking of switching and not because of flavor so dont go there.
I don't mind dealing with wind, temperatures and charcoal issues, it's the ones I can't do anything about that are maddening.

At least the food is looking good.
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Ron, I don't know friend, this here is just a shot in the dark, take that burner out, soak it in really hot soapy water for a bit, then try blowin it out. Might just be sumtin in there ya cant get at. Thisn is a tough one. Worth A try at this here point.
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Well, Ron, I have another idea.

Orange flame occurs when there is too much gas or too little air. If the regulator, hose and burner are not apparently the about the temperature control. The on/off knob thingy.

Ultimately that is where the gas is sent to the burner from. If the burner is getting plenty of air and is clean as a whistle then your only other place to look is in the control knob. That can let too much gas out to the burner.

Just a thought, Friend!
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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. The issue is that I don't have the time, nor the inclination to start taking apart every piece of this 1 yr old smoker to try and diagnose the issue.

Monty I already dissaseembled and reassembled the control knob. was a good idea though.

Tip: I think giving the burner a bath is beyond a best faith attempt to fix this. I'm giving the ball to Camp Chef, let's see what they do.
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