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Another mod to the ecb gourmet

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i did this mod at my moms birthday party last weekend

first found half way between the top and bottom rack screws

i used 1/4 20 bolts and nuts, 2 inches long. This pic shows the bolts and the second tray in place

and this shot with all three racks in place

this way, i can do abts, burgers, bacon with all the extra space
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i have three old reg. ecbs around, so i have plenty of extra racks.....heheehe
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Great Idea, I'll be doing it to mine next weekend.
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Looks like an easy mod, Steve. Thanks for sharing!!
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Thread Starter see my other mod threads?

look for the dude that asked about em earlier today

i posted the two links to them
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That was the first and maybe the best mod I ever did to my smoker. My only regret is that I didnt do three additional levels! Can you imagine five racks full of ABTs? Yummmmm! (I may get around to that someday) The extra rack is great when I am doing turkey legs. But once again, be advised, mopping the lower level food can be a painPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

I am on my thrid or forth electric and also had one charcoal version in the past twenty years, so I too have a few racks (three in use, two still virgins and maybe a couple that should be tossed)

My biggest problem (my own fault) is that rain will get into the bottom pan and rust it out or kill the element
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Great looking mod...............Good job.............
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Now that's a good idea ...... may have to do that myself. Points i think PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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