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What brand/model of pocket therm are you using??

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Had an ECPT (El cheapo pocket therm) go out on me this weekend.icon_evil.gif It was an Ecko or something like that. It was always 15 degrees off (212 test) and really just pretty poorly made.

Im looking to get another pocket therm as the they are just nice to have for double checkin and sometimes I use them with ribs as the probe is smaller diameter to get between those bones. Not lookin to spend a fortune but want something decent. Wanted to get some feedback what has been working/recommended from the field.

Brand/model/where ya get it/cost if remembered.

Thanks for readin.

PS. My food probe on the Maverick ET-73 went haywire in the middle of the smoke session. Buzzed up over 100 degrees beyond what was actual for no reason. Contacted them and they are sending me out another one this week for nothing
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You will be hard pressed to do better than a thermapen...........but they ain't cheap.
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Yea I just looked at that before postin the thread. That is alittle over my head. Mrs. Chargriller would never go for that.
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I use the Taylor Commercial Waterproof Digital Thermometer that I got from Amazon for about $16.00.

It's small, light, pretty fast, accurate according to the boiling water test plus has a calibration screw.


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I've had great luck with my Taylor instant read pocket thermometer. It's a dial thermometer, not a digital.
I bought it for around 6 to 7 bucks....that was maybe 4 years ago.
I lost it and bought another one just like it....then found the one I lost.
It's worked great for me....smile.gif
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I use a taylor "weekend warrior". It is accurate, and only cost about 15 bucks. I would love to have a thermopen, but thats way outta my price justification range!
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Wow... nevermind... I just realized that this was about pocket thermometers. My post was totally off topic.
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I just ordered this a few days ago and have yet to try it. This'll end up being about $42 including shipping. I was at Cabelas today and its selling for 49.99

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Gotta a digital pocket thermo I bought from Harobour freight and tool, think was on sale fer less then $5. Is quite accurate. Don't know how long it will live, but fer $5 ifin it's a year that still aint bad!
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Maverick Redi-Check Dual Probe

I just started this weekend and order the Maverick on Amazon for $39. I am thinking I will buy a second and use one unit to monitor both ends of the chamber for ambient temp. And use the second as dual meat probes. Did my first rack of ribs today and it worked like a champ.

GOod Luck, CC
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I have several different industrial USDA appoved dial thermometers whih one can calibrated. I do so every time I smoke. Just put them into an ice water slush and adjust so they indicate 32 deg. Unfortunatly I do not know the brand name. I also use a digital USDA thermometer from a company called DELTA TRAK. It costs about 79 dollars, but you can calibrate it and it is approved for, and heavy duty enough, for industrial use. You might be able to find it retail at williams-sonoma or similar store. If you have access to Grainger catalogue you probably will find them there too.
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I like the speed and accuracy of the thermocouple thermometers. I picked a new one up on ebay for 50 bucks last year. They usually retail over a hundred though. Just keep a look out for a good deal!
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Smart bbq brand.

Picked one up at my local BJ's wholesale club on a whim 12 bucks worth tryin.Works awesome so far used it about 10 times digital, remote, light on it and accurate tested a few times,batteries last good too.My only fear is life span being so cheap and unknown brand I'm scared.So I think I will be buying another this weekend.Nice to have the beeper go off when the temp hits target from inside the house flashing signal indicator is handy too in case you go out of range.
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Pocket therm..

I also use a taylor basic pocket therm for testing had it for years still works the same
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I have that same thermometer. I got mine at Walmart for $15. It's great.
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You ain't kiddin!!! Was expecting $30-$40 when you said they ain't cheap!!!

My original one is a Maveric (from Costco) with remote. Use it to monitor the grate temp from the A/C. Three other Wally World Accu-Rites i stick to the meat
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Ditto, got 4 of them. They all seem to read within 1*. Real happy for the price.
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When ya start cooking large quantities of meat at the same time, spend the extra coin for the Thermapen (camo mod) It's the most reliable and fastest thermo on the market!!

By imn88fan
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I agree. But I also recommend spending an extra $25-$50 and getting the plug-mount design, with a thermocouple probe. I have the smokehouse probe and the thing is build like a tank and can read temps up to 650° (F). Thermoworks makes great stuff and their service guys are great to talk to and very knowledgeable.
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Just ordered one of those. I was gonna get the removable probe but couldn't figure out which to get so I got the basic model
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