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Emergency ? !!!!

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I am smoking a pork butt for pulled pork I want to foil it at 165-170ish
I just got a new wireless digital thermometer that is reading 150 but I checked it with my old $5.00 dial thermometer and it say's 165ish. Which do I trust. Got my cousin's (meandmy2dogs) opinion just wanted another.
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CubGuy - here's a quick test to see if your thermometers are ok - boil some water and when it's at a rolling boil, check the temperature with each therm. The one that reads 100 F is the one that's accurate.

SMF gang - please jump in if I'm missing anything on that process.
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if it reads 100 f your in trouble
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Will do sumo thanks!!!
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OK nevermind Morkdach what's up??
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Boiling water test, should read 210-212*F if it's a workin. Dial thermometers can be calibrated to (most anyway) Their is a small nut on the back that allows you to adjust them. Good luck cub, hope it works out fer ya!

Make sure the end of the probe is just in the water though, not touching the pan. tongs work good for keepin the finners out of the steam!
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Thanks travco
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Should read 212° in boiling water.

Try ice water bath also, should read 65°.....PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif 32°

I wouldn't trust anything bought for $5!!!!

Way to slow to post.
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had some 5 buck probes that worked better than more $ ones
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Water boils at 212 degrees here in my science lab...icon_rolleyes.gif Trust your wireless digital.
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The winner is.... the $5.00 therm. although it only reads to 190 it redlined in the boiling water. The digital slowly climbed to 208 then after a few minutes made it to 211.
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How do you figure? The dig therm gave you a near perfect reading after a min or 2. The 5 buck therm redlined into oblivion past 190. Thats 22 degrees that you are going to trust to a thermo that only goes to 190 max. Maybe I am missing something....PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

Or are you saying the dig was the winner?
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True SmokinJoe but the water was boiling for about a minute when I dunked them neither one touched the pot and it took a while for the digital to reach 211 never got to 212 I didn't have time to wait so I went with the gut and decided on the cheapy. I will definatley give the digital another chance cause it's friggin sweet, but we'll see.
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Go for what ya know man...I am sure the butt will be just fine!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I always say you can cook em to 400 degrees and still get a great PP sandwich!! (not that I have ever tried
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Sounds to me like your digital was right on. Your cheapo might be reading too high.

How did it come out?
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Don't know yet it's wrapped and my digital is reading 162 and the cheepo is reading 175 been there for a while now. Plan on pulling it out and resting it at 200 there will be Qview later. Thanks Guys!
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Looking forward to the q-view PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif. I've got some BB ribs ready for tomorrow. Now I'm wishing I went with some pulled pork icon_smile.gif.
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Cheapo red lines at 190, trying to measure 212. The digital measures within a degree after two minutes and it loses. confused.gif

I'll chalk that up to "cub logic"

Maybe that was bait..... zing....yup, hooked and reeling me in!!

Either way, it is tough to mess up pulled pork.
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