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Has anyone done smoked Crab or Lobster?

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I'm wondering if anyone has tried dmoked crab or lobster and how it turned out.confused.gif
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look at lawdog.......someone knows how to do a search..........LOLOL
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Thanks for the links. Sounds like a lot of people asking but not really anyone doing. I think if the shells were cracked it would work, I think I'll give it a try. Maybe a surf and turf with my brisket :0-)
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Smoked Lobster

I've smoked lobster, tails and claws only. Cut them off the critters, crack em, brine em and smoke em. I'll post the brine I used a bit later (when I get home). Hit me up if you have any questions.
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Never did lobster but oysters on the half in the smoker come out REAL nice with cherry wood.
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i have grilled lobster... never smoked it. enjoy the natural flavor tooooo much. but heck .. go for it and let us all know. all so some q view would be nice.
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KC - both are such rich seafood pieces that they should take to the smoke well. Maybe wrap bacon around the shells to give it some added bacony-goodness, as well as keep those jewels moist? icon_idea.gif

Just my $0.02.
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BACON! Brilliant!!!!
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I've done both on a grill but not really smoked. They came out really good and juicey much to my surprise.
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Brine recipe

OK so it's been a bit longer than a day since I said I would post this.... Sorry.

Here is the recipe:
2 C Seafood Stock or Broth (I was lazy and used Chicken Stock)
1 C Honey (Clover Suggested)
1/2 C White Wine, Dry
1 TB Peanut Oil
1 TB Kosher Salt
1 tsp Stone Ground Mustard
2 tsp Thyme, dried and ground

Combine ingredients and bring to a boil. Let cool and then brine between 2-4 hours (I marinaded for 4).

I used tails and claws, split the tails, crack the claws. I smoked in the shell. took roughly 4 hours at 225. Used a mix of maple and oak. Came out awesome!

Good luck.
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Wow, would love to see some Q-view of lobster and/or crab. I love both, but they are too expensive to experiment with, and I would cry if I ruined a nice 2 lb. Maine lobster.
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I did these before I joind smoking meat forums so there are no pics icon_frown.gif I promised my wife next "special occasion" that I would smoke up some lobsters (one of the only smoked foods she likes). I will take pics next time... with this economy it might be a while.....
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