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I am getting frustrated, I hope that the experts here can help. I have a CharBroil H2O and I can't keep the temperature up. In fact, I haven't been able to get it above 200 for any length of time.

I have used 3 chimneys of charcoal since I started 4 hours ago.

Anything I can do to get the temp up? How far should the door be open? How about the top thingy?

Any help appreciated!!
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Hia Brad...Welcome to SMF. You should stop by the Roll Call Forum and give us an intro... you experience, everything relevant. Makes it easier for us to help.

"Top thingie" should be mostly open. "Bottom thingies" control the burn of the coals. Get the coals some air from the bottom, and remove all the ash that may be choking airflow.

Don't forget the Roll Call post :{)
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Will try that. Thanks! I will go into the Roll Call later today.
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COOL! Don't hesitate to get back if you need more help. I'm outta here soon to a cookoff this weekend, but many others will be here to help :{)
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OK, 6 hours and temp is a bit higher, at least it's over 200 (slightly). Meat is at 138 and holding. Am I on track here? Should I remove the existing charcoal and start with a fresh batch or 2?
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Do you have a rack so the ashes fall below the hot coals? I'd hate to loose the heat you do have
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I think I need to drill holes in the coal pan to let the ashes drop out.
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Just give the pan a good knock. It should get some ashes off. Remember that meat will plateau at a temp for a bit then start to rise again. Be patient with it.
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Am I at risk here of poisoning my family with the pork only being at 138 (now 145) for such a long time? I don't need everyone to be sick!!
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How did it come out Brad???????
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I have a vertical brinkmann with water pan and coal pan. I did several things that have helped.
1. Switch to lump. It really is worth it.
2. Drill some holes in your coal pan as you mentioned.
3. Get a small grate to put in the coal pan to allow air to flow more freely.
4. Switch your water pan to either sand or use the piedmont water pan method.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
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The family thinks it came out great. I am, of course, my own harshest critic. No one's died yet so my fears of low temp cooking breeding bacteria were not met. It looked great and tasted pretty good too, I guess.

I will definitely do some of those mods to the smoker.

Thanks for the input!
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