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Novice Smoker

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I bought a Lyfe Tyme smoker last year and have smoked several briskets, tri-tips and pork shoulders. This smoker is amazing, maintaining temp and good smoke flow, highly recommended. I have had several friends, that have years of smoking expierence impressed with this smoker.

This site has given me inspiration to throw anything I find on the smoker and expierment. I also own a Weber that I love and a gas grill which is rarely used.

Any out of the ordinary recipe suggestions that have good success would be appreciated.

Thanks for the fostering community.
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Hello TW, and welcome to SMF! You should maybe look into some wild game and poultry... even those li'l Cornish hens are great... Smoke some ABT's japs with a bacon wrap and cheese filling YUM!
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Welcome to the SMF!! and Rich forgot to mention fatties!!!!!! It's alright Rich, I've got your back.....
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Welcome aboard, take a look around in here...chances are if it had a heartbeat, someone has smoked it. Enjoy!!!
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Welcome to the SMF, looks like you've got a handle on it already!
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Welcome to the forum. Had a guy that was looking to smoke rattlesnake, another talkin bout gator, corndogs, burritos. I've done some venison backstrap. Heck what can't be smoked biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the forum. There is alot of info here along with a ton of great people. Enjoy it.
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Glad u enjoy SMF and the advice u are getting or just reading, people are here to help
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Welcome aboard............Glad you found us here.......
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