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Guess What I'm Doing?

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It is a great day here in TN. 2 pork shoulders went on at 8:45 and the tbs is going good. Just waiting on 12:00 so the adult beverages can start flowing.biggrin.gif

By the way, how do folks post big pics in there post. All I can figure out is how to do attachments?
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Nice start to a beautiful day. And you have your dog hanging out with you too.

As for full sized pics... most will use an off site host and paste the IMG code to the post.

Here's a link for you to go through on it...

Posting pics on SMF. ‹(•¿•)› Tutorial ‹(•¿•)›
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It's noon just off the East coast! Smoke on!
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good lookin chow, and remember...it's 5 o'clock somewhere

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Being at work, all I can do is sneak a peak at this site for some Q-View. (helps me get through the day) Keep the pics com'n.
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Yep I love my job. 24 hours on and 48 hours off. Makes for alot of free time. Lucky me!!!!!!

Pigcicles thanks for the link I got it now.

Riggs(the dog) seems to be around anytime the smoker or grill is going. He guards them well.
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HA...who says you have to wait until noon....its 5 o'clock somewhere!PDT_Armataz_01_41.gif
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A fine lookin' guard dog he is too! LOL!... "Ohhh c'mon...just a bone A BONE!"
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Nice way to start the day. I haven't seen any warnings on the bud cans about opening times.

Have a good smoke and pet the dog.

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Man I messed up bad....it's 1:15 and I'm just now opening my first adult bev.haha

This may be the strangest smoke I have ever done. I am having 20 deg temp swings and can not get any smoke. It's 80 outside with a light wind. I don't understand.
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Can you SMELL smoke? And set up a wind block.
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I can't smell any at all. And when I say light wind I mean the paper tag on the propane regulator isn't even moving. Just once in a while you can feel it but it is very very light.
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As long as you can smell the smoke your good. 20* swings aren't that bad I get them sometimes. Now as far as popin the top late now ya gotta make up lost time biggrin.gif and your right 24/48 is the best shift I ever worked
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Pineywoods you said you do/have worked 24/48 are you fire or ems? It's good to see a fellow public safety person on here.
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Was a FF/Paramaedic till injury forced retirement
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Yep, I've been a paramedic for about 16 yrs now and only 1 back injury so far. But my time is catching up to me. I was up all night last night and man its hard to function today.
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Have some chips ready open the door if you don't get smoke put in more chips
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I dont have any chips, been using chunks without any prob. Do you think I should soak some and try that?
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If not getting any smoke or smell I would
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Been in for 7 hours, time to sprits and wrap.

This one is a baby

Here is the big guy
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