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Lump or Regular Charcoal?

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Hi All!

Is there much difference in using lump charcoal while smoking instead of just regular charcoal?

Also, where are some good places to buy lump? I live in the Dallas, TX area.

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js lump is the best,less crap in it and burns much hotter-cowboy brand sux-kingfords is good-do a search in here there have been threads about it.Kingsford char wood that is.
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I only started a few weeks ago and I can say that T-H ans Des are right. I ran out of lump and had to resort to briquettes and they are much messier.
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Lump or briquettes

Well I guess I would ask what are you using it in ?? If I'm using my Smoke and pit w/SFB then I use lump, But if I'm using my ECB then I use Briquettes, Lump tends to get pretty hot in my ECB...
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I gave up briquets a good while back. I use Best Choice Lump. It is Royal Oak Lump in a different bag and priced a bit cheaper.
The choice is yours. You need to try different things and see what works best for YOU. What I, or others, here like may well be NOT what you like.
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Tex, where do you find Best Choice Lump? I don't see it at my Walmart but I don't think that I would since Walmart has their own private label brand (Great Value). I'm not sure, but I think Best Choice is usually distributed at Affiliated Foods stores. Please let me know, I'd love to pay less. Currently I get Royal Oak Lump from Menards for $5.79 for 18lbs.
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Wow thanks man, and what is B&R? Is that actually the store name or just an abbreviation?
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5.79 for 18 # wish I could find royal oak for that price. It's $5 for 10# here in ohio at walmart. I've looked around online but shipping is rediculous. Lucky you!!!!!
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Bunky - I've got an ECB and use exclusively lump charcoal when I smoke. After reading about all the goodies in charcoal briquettes, I wouldn't think of using anything else.

Just my $0.02.
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Use less then, Bunk. Lump is superior in all ways to bricks. Flavor, heat retention and ashing.
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