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Newbie here...

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This forum is really great! I can't honestly say that I am a die hard, but I definitely enjoy some bbq. I have smoked a few items in the past, a pork butt on a verticle smoker and also on my charcoal weber grill. I plan on purchasing a Char-Griller Smokin Pro from Home Depot at some point this summer. I am planning a pretty big bbq the weekend of the OSU/USC game on Sept. 13. Go Bucks! I am going to use the info. I get from this site to help me not only with that, but some practice runs this summer. Look forward to talking with you all!
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Welcome aboard!!!!
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Welcome aboard. The SMF is a great place to find lots of info.
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Welcome, the only place on the Net to give you everthing..INCLUDING support... to smoke the best food ya ever had :{)
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Hi DG, good to meet you. There are some real pro's here who spend considerable time helping out us 'less than pros'. Make sure you do a search on the best modifications to make to your Chargriller when you buy it. That's a popular model and there are some easy-to-do mods that are pretty important to getting the full use out of your grill.
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Welcome to the forum its a great place to be. Lots of helpful people when you can't find the info you need. Remember we like Qview. Enjoy and happy smokin
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Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome to SMF DG. If your not a "die hard" yet, you will be. Great Q does that to a person and the folks on this site will help you get there.
Look forward to seeing your posts.
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welcome dg, glad to have ya
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"Stacks" helped me out a bit, but I meant to say that I am NOT a "Die Hard". I think my original post said that I WAS. That would probably be a fairly important point to clarify when I start getting involved in these different forums. Just wanted to clarify!
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oh my,, just go right out and buy some bigger sized clothes..and welcome toi the smf..s
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Howdy, happy smokes.
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Careful there dganor, get enough successful smokes under your belt and you will be a die-hard! That means about two successful smokes!!! You stumbled upon a great community here. The great people here are directly to blame for turning me from a BBQ grill guy to a smoking freak!
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Welcome to the forum.
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WElcome to the site..............Char- griller makes some great units............
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