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I'm a noob

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Just wanted to pop in and say hello, and say that this is a great site i'm gettin a lot of good info and hopfully someday I can contribute. I'mcurrently using a Brinkman all in one water smoker and gettin pretty good results but I want bigger smoker.
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Welcome to the forum. This is the best smokin forum on the net. Check out Jeff's 5 day e-course (it's free) and has alot of great info in it. Make sure you post q-view pics so we can all droole over your smokes.
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Welcome to the forum! Here you will learn all you ever wanted to know about smoking! Enjoy.
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Thanks, once I got the hang of the all in one I was hooked
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Welcome to the SMF. Lots of great info is posted here and folks here do a great job on all questions. Enjoy.
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Yes I love this site, right now i'm learning how to smoke cheese, Oh and I have a boston butt that I'm looking foward to hope I don't mess it up.
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Welcome to the fourm. Lots of good people here and I think we all want bigger smokers at least most of us biggrin.gif Look at the sticky thread in pork section on butts and you'll be fine also try the finishing sauce also right there in another sticky. Have fun and happy smokin
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welcome to your new addiction cajun
lookin forward to your posts, lots of great folks and help here.

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Welcome to the site......Great place here............
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Hey RajunCajun,

I'm new to this groupalso and wanted to say hey. I w/ u on this site. Im picking up info and idea everytime i look around. Good luck with smokes.
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Welcome aboard ragun...Enjoy the forum!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Welcome RajunCajun

Welcome to the smf. Great place with lots of nice folks to give advice or answer any questions.

Happy Smokin

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