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I built a cart for my smokers

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I have had a 30" MES for a year now and a couple months ago I bought a 40" MES when Sam's had them on sale.

I do some woodworking so I can sell a few things and get some new tools, so I figured why not build myself a cart, I had both smokers on a table but the 40" is so tall that it was hard to see the digital readout, so I built it so they sat level.

The wife painted it black and put 3 coats of clear.
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Nice Job!

Looks great, I like that garage in the back too!!!!
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Sweet looking rig. Looks more like a custom job now vs. just a couple of smokers.
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NICE JOB MES ala cart'e
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nice job should of wired that cart only one cord, and outlets built into the back of it.........maybe even build a wind break around it..........lolololol

looking good dude
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I did wire an outlet on it so I onyl have to plug in one cord and have plans for maybe a roof and a wind break wall on the back
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Great looking cart.........Nice workmanship..............
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Very nice, I am emailing this link to my wife so it can be "her" idea for me to build !!!
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Looking good. Looks like there are quite a few crafts men in the forum.
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New Cart

Great job on building the new cart Kurt. And it looks like the wife did a nice job with the painting also. A nice husband and wife project that you both will enjoy for smoking all your favorite eats. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Happy Smokin

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That's nice!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very nice cart Kurt! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

If you ever get down on the SW metro, just swing by with your tools and build me one for my Primo XL too!! wink.gifwink.gifbiggrin.gif
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good looken setup and nice looken shop give us a tour of shop and qview of what comes out of cookers thanks
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I like it. Good thinking. I like the motorcycle in the back ground too.
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Nice cart. I like the same level idea. I like to build but not paint.

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Wheres the flat screen tv and the beer tapper? Nice job, should make life a lot easier on the back!
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Here are a few pics, the shop is a mess but we are always working on something

and a pic of our smoked brisket and one of 4 pork butts and 4 pork tenderloins

and a pic of our Goldwing and the camper we pull with it.
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We love to ride motorcycle and ATV's, 13,000 miles on the bike last year.

I hate painting so luckily the wife paints and stains all of our items we sell unless the customer paints it themselves
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