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CGSP firebox warmer plate

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I checked yesterday for this sidefire box warmer plate that a friend and I have been discussing. Low and behold CG already has developed one on their website (I think it was like $13 or so).

Few questions:

Has everyone seen this on their site?

Has anyone installed it, how??

How does it work, good/ok/bad/not worth it?

Thanks for reading and any input.
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no picture,but I was thinking about a warming plate also. I would imagine that it is a plate/box attatatched to a curved peice of steel that would slip and lay on top of the fire box.
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Yea, jersey CG hasnt got one posted on that page. The only way that I saw it was on their homepage as their smokers cycle around you can catch a glimpse of a SP with one mounted on it. Got to be quick. =)
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put one on mine free.... talked Gramason out of a piece of metal.... drilled a couple holes... few stainless bolts... done deal...
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I got one and it works great, and is very useful as a place to boil something (not ribs) or just as an extra shelf..
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warmer plate fasners

Smokewatcher, how does the CG plate attach to the firebox?

I am also thinking that I can use this plate to set a brick on to hold the firebox lid down as when the coals/wood get going a bit the lid doesnt fit down completely.
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If you put the warming plate on the sfb can you open the lid on the sfb without removing what's on the warming plate? Thought about getting one myself.
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only thing i use my sfb for warming to pre-warm my wood........
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warming plate

No, I believe you have to remove any items as the plate moves with the lid.
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does anyone know if the warming plate for a CG is heavy enough to hold the door shut on the SFB?

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