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Let me know if it makes a dif. Just being curious.
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Will do Andy. Let me know if you try one
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CG, looks good. Love the kraut idea, but I think the problem is that the longer you cook the kraut out of vinegar, the more of that bite you lose. Maybe try heating some on the side and add when you serve the meat. I love simmering kraut w/ some dark beer.
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Yanno, I just read the ingredients. Not only are apples a sweet in there, the sautee'd onion carmalizes as well. And the don't rinse suggestion's gotta help too, eh... still looks GREAT tho!
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Try marinating the pork loin in the juice drained from the kraut. Also another trick is to take 2 or 3 medium red potatoes and peel them. Let them stand out until just turning a little brown. Put them in a blender and puree them into a sauce like consistency. Add this to your kraut. This does two things. Gives your kraut a thickener and it will blend much better with the roast. It will also put a little smoothness into the kraut. does lessen the sharpness a bit but adds a real authentic german flavor.
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Thanks for the tips folks. smile.gif
I did sprinkle the loin with some brown sugar before layering the kraut/onion/apple mixture on. I should have left that out for sure!
The ingredients sounded good to me...pork/apple/onion/kraut and beer....just didn't come out as planned. lol

I plan on doing another one and will use some of your suggestions.

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My two cents. Next time...

line the whole butterfly with Ham to help seal in the kraut juices. NEXT...
spread a fine layer of cream cheese and a nice layer of swiss cheese, some diced gherkins and your kraut. Serve with russian dressing!!(see where im going with this? I guess i need to put my money where my mouth is.
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OK Cowgirl, you got me onto this one.....its all your fault..LOL
Took a loin out for this. I am going to try it tomorrow. Will let you know all the details as we get there.
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Yea Andy! Can't wait to hear what you come up with.biggrin.gif idea sounds pretty good! I like the idea of ham inside of the loin.....Mmmmm.
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