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Smokin' Fans

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Sorry right off the bat to mislead anyone. And a further apology if this offends anyone, and I'll fully understand if this post gets falgged and removed. I was watching the Rays/Yankees game tonight and something grabbed my heart. I found a youtube link to the commercial. Check out the video then read the rest.

I'm 41, been smoking since I was 15. I'm a baseball FREAK and I've got a 10 month old at home that will someday throw a 96 MPH fastball and a 3 foot curve. I can't teach him that if I'm DEAD! I'll be dead soon enough after he turns 18, but I certainly don't want to rush it. I think I finally found my motivation to quit.

Again, Sorry to bait anyone into reading this post, but it hit me real hard. I'll man up and say it brought tears to my eyes thinking that could easily be my son. I just got done throwing away 7 packs from a carton.
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Good for you man...
I'm an on and off smoker, currently in off mode. I quit for two weeks, then a weekend will come and I hang out with the neighbors and smoke half a pack.. Then I stop again for a month... Drink at a BBQ and find myself bumming a few and lighting up... It's tough, but it's possible. You got the motivation, just keep reminding yourself.

Go Yanks!
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Congratulations on your resolve to quit! Stay strong and think of your son when you get the urge to light one up.
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heck man, that was 8 gallons of gas!

I doubt if this would get flagged. This site is about smoking meat, not self-inflicted suicide. I give you an atta boy for "mannin up" and making a good choice. I was a smoker too, until my fiirst born was born. That gave me all the motivation I needed to want to quit. I did it cold turkey on christmas day. Never touched one again.

Your kid will appreciate it!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Big grateful thanks for the support so far. Cap'nD, if you can do it, I can too!!!
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Seboke, Last January I quit after 22 years of smoking. I have been smoke free for 15 months now. I did it for my own health reasons and I will never look back. I now use the money to buy BBQ and smoking equipment as well as meat. Hang in there!
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good luck seboke!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I quit April 1st 2001 after 20 yrs. I still want one at times. It isn't easy, but you can see the reason to quit every day as he grows, plays, and learns. Keep your mind right and your will strong and you'll be okay.

Best wishes.
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Just yesterday I visited a friend in the hospital who had throat cancer and was breathing on only 1/2 a lung.Needless to say he was a heavy smoker for 20 years.We wont be going to Minnesota fishing this spring,no more Cubs games,tailgate parties or camping trips. I pray for him every day that we will be able to go drink some beer just one more time.
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I used to smoke 3 packs of Chesterfields a day. I quit over 25 years ago. Got a sore throat I couldn't get over and couldn't smoke for a month, so after gettin over the sore throat I bought a pack, coughed and hacked and thought it was as good a time as any to quit. Last time I had one. I do smoke a pipe and a cigar now and again, but I can go months at a time without doin that too.

About 3 months ago the boys and I were workin on the oldest boys vehicle and the urge hit me and hard, if I had smoked one then I'd be smokin today.

It is not easy to do, find other things to occupy yourself with, like friends, family and hobbies. Good luck!
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